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Prepare your Phoenix, AZ, or global organization for the future of digital workplaces with UC collaboration tools. Call Level 3 Audiovisual to discuss upgrading your AV systems.

How Crestron UC Collaboration Tools Support the New Digital Workplace How Crestron UC Collaboration Tools Support the New Digital Workplace

Learn how Crestron UC products and services help organizations thrive in workplaces that are no longer tied to a physical location

The COVID-19 crisis in 2020 catalyzed a massive shift toward remote work on a scale unheard of until now. December 2020 data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) indicated that 24% of the workforce (35.5 million people) were working from home at that time. 

Multiple surveys taken throughout 2020 have revealed that many employees would like to continue working from home when the pandemic is over. A Pew Research Center survey from December 2020 reported that 54% of people whose jobs can be performed at home would want to work from home all or most of the time after the coronavirus outbreak ends. 

And enterprise organizations have discovered — somewhat to their surprise — that remote work hasn’t hindered employee productivity or motivation, as many feared it would. As we move into a future that looks likely to embrace and expand more remote work opportunities, the looming question for businesses concerns long-term sustainability: how do we ensure that people can work together when they’re not together in person? 

No longer is the workplace tied to a physical location, a cubicle, and a desktop computer that hasn’t been updated in several years. Instead, the workplace is in the cloud, it’s in the Zoom app on smartphones across America, it’s in shared Google docs, and it’s in laptops across America. 

Unified communication (UC) collaboration tools are the bridge that makes the digital workplace possible. UC products and services integrate and deliver multiple communication channels and collaborative tools in a single platform. These platforms are cloud-delivered to facilitate a “work from anywhere” dynamic for hybrid workforces with in-person and remote employees.

Crestron Electronics is one of the manufacturers at the forefront of facilitating communications, collaboration, and productivity in the hybrid workplace. Room systems like Crestron Flex and cloud-based management tools like Crestron XiO Cloud are designed to help commercial organizations of all sizes adapt to the changing landscape of work. 

Keep reading to learn how UC products and services like Flex and XiO Cloud provide value to the digital workplace in Phoenix, AZ, and globally. 

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