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Level 3 Audiovisual is a leading managed services company partnering with IT to modernize and manage AV technology infrastructure in Phoenix, Arizona, and other major U.S. cities.

How Managed Services Help IT Departments Modernize Workplaces How Managed Services Help IT Departments Modernize Workplaces

Managed Services Helps IT Integrate AV Infrastructure with Critical Business Systems

Once upon a time, there was an IT department and an AV department, and never the twain met. We jest; that’s not completely true. But they were typically separate departments, and the AV systems of the past had few dependencies on the technology stack managed by the IT department.

Over the past two decades, video conferencing started changing the paradigm. At first, video conferencing systems were expensive, proprietary solutions that depended on specific protocols needed to run inside company networks. Then, these systems started converging on standardized digital formats and protocols and becoming integrated into unified communication systems. As a result, the dependencies on IT-managed technology grew, but video conferencing was still about connecting one group of people in a meeting room to another one across a campus or the country.

What came next? Even if you know nothing about videoconferencing (but we know you do), you’ve heard of Zoom. To be fair, Zoom was long preceded by video meeting platforms like GoToMeeting, Skype, various Google products, and many others. These are or were cloud-based video conferencing platforms that democratized collaboration to anyone with a laptop or mobile device. Now that these applications ran on IT-managed devices and the network, AV was quite integrated and more deeply dependent on IT than in the past.

What does this all mean? IT has its hands full these days. Virtually everyone has their own videoconference facility on their laptop. With the pandemic going on for almost two years, nearly everyone uses videoconferencing. But those physical conference rooms, huddle rooms, and boardrooms in offices aren't disappearing. And contrary to some popular commentary, the world will not work from home forever. However, the future of work has been impacted by the explosion of this technology, and it will require businesses of all sizes to reimagine, modernize, and manage their AV technology. Let's explore further below how AV managed services can assist IT departments in Phoenix, AZ and elsewhere navigate this brave new world.

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