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2 Considerations Before Implementing a Temperature Kiosk in Your Facility 2 Considerations Before Implementing a Temperature Kiosk in Your Facility

Are you prepared to successfully implement a fever screening solution in your Scottsdale business?

Fever screening technology is a hot topic these days. The coronavirus has followed us into 2021, and widespread vaccinations are still several months away, but many companies and public places are open for in-person business again. Now businesses are looking for solutions to keep employees, customers and visitors safe in office buildings, stores, restaurants, health clinics, schools and other public areas.

One popular solution is fever screening technology, which uses thermal imaging to map a person’s body heat and determine if they have an elevated temperature. Fever detection systems can scan a person’s skin temperature within seconds and issue an alert if the reading falls outside a preset range.

A properly installed and implemented system can be a useful tool to identify potentially sick people and prevent them from spreading germs to others in your location. If you’re considering fever screening technology, keep these considerations in mind before implementing a temperature kiosk solution in your Scottsdale, AZ facility.

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