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When You Should Rent AV Equipment

When You Should Rent AV Equipment

If the only time you’ll wear a tuxedo is on your wedding day, you’re probably better off renting one than buying one. And if your company hosts only one or two events or conferences a year, the same is probably true of the specialized audiovisual (AV) equipment you’ll need to pull it off. Many AV applications, like meeting room technology and collaboration platforms, require a capital investment and integration expertise, but when it comes to infrequent or specialized AV needs, renting can be best.

Why—and When—Renting AV Equipment Makes Sense

The most common scenario for AV equipment rental are large-scale but infrequent events that require specialized equipment. Here are the top five reasons to consider renting AV technology on such occasions.

  1. Specialized solutions. Your event may require an elaborate or specialized AV solution, but purchasing it for a one-time use isn’t practical for most organizations. And just making do with the AV solutions you have isn’t a great solution either, because they are probably not up to the job. Renting means you get the specialized equipment you need without a major capital expenditure.
  2. Cost of ownership savings. The total cost of ownership for AV equipment goes beyond the initial purchase price. It also includes costs such as maintenance, repairs and storage. For AV equipment you use infrequently, those costs can quickly start to outweigh the benefits of ownership. Renting specialized AV equipment eliminates these ongoing costs.
  3. Trouble shooting. Renting AV equipment means you get access to equipment experts too. When a microphone stops working in the middle of a keynote address or a video screen goes fuzzy mid-presentation, someone is on site to fix it immediately.
  4. Newer, well-maintained equipment. Rental companies want to stay competitive and maintain good reputations, so rental AV solutions are generally well-maintained and in good condition. You get to use the newest and best AV technologies without the cost of overhauling, updating or replacing equipment.
  5. Expert installation. When you rent AV equipment, expert installation is part of the package. That saves you time and effort and also lets you rest easy that everything has been installed correctly and will work the way it should for your event.

Level 3 AV recently partnered with Broadcast Rentals, a video equipment rental and event services company, to expand services and support offerings.

Next Steps

AV needs can vary widely, depending on the event. Some of the AV equipment available to rent from Broadcast Rentals includes:

  • Cameras
  • Tripods
  • Prompters and monitors
  • Lenses
  • Recorders
  • Lighting

For your ongoing AV needs, including video conferencing technology, conference room audio, video walls and simulation services, as well as installation and integration services, a certified integrator can help you identify and deploy the best solution.

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