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Minimize Meeting Problems and Collaborate with CoreTouch

Minimize Meeting Problems and Collaborate with CoreTouch

Have you ever had those meetings when you would bring your laptop or tablet but couldn’t connect it to a projector, monitor, or any other kind of peripheral? With a presentation ready to go, you wasted so much time trying to figure out how to make the technology work. It can either transform a meeting into a complete frustration or really make it valuable. Some of the most common meeting problems companies have are trouble with starting and finishing a meeting on time. Factors like failing technology, silent participants and collaboration dominators often result in a conducted meeting with no decisions made. The results of this survey show that 45% of participants most of the time leave a meeting without a clear understanding of their responsibilities. Also, 47% of workers react stressfully to tech malfunction. With Layer Logic’s CoreTouch, Today, we have a device that’s both easy to use and simplifies collaboration and sharing.

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CoreTouch is an appliance that enables collaboration to displays of all kinds from a user’s preferred device. One centralized appliance provides up to four connections for users, each device sending its share of data to the display in real-time. When a meeting starts on time, you get so much work done, and everyone present manages to participate and present their information. You will walk out with an overwhelming sense of productivity. This is rarely the case in small and mid-sized organizations.


Regardless of the type of device or its operating system, CoreTouch provides quick connectivity without any security or software updates to address. Cables connected to a smart device or laptop and to the display provide a wired connection that is more secure than a wireless one, addressing several common security concerns.


Because there is no need to install software or configure it, CoreTouch can be controlled in several ways. When all the devices are plugged in, you can jump from full- to quad-screen with simple swipe gestures using a smartphone as a device or an interactive touch screen as your display. You can actively participate in a quadrant, sharing your data through a wireless presentation system. Also, you can use a tablet or smartphone to choose which device is displayed on the screen at a given moment, thus controlling the presenters. CoreTouch can be mounted on any monitor or HID capable touch device. Layer Logic’s certification process has tested touchscreen displays and certified the following ones to work with CoreTouch: BenQ, LG, Phillips, Samsung, Vivitek, Sharp NEC, Cleartouch, and Christie. In the past, you used to hassle with all kinds of tech equipment and worried whether you would be able to play a simple 2-minute video. Now, you just throw your laptop in the bag and go on with your day without any worries that a failure to connect will happen again. Smooth and coherent integration can be complicated to achieve. The result of using CoreTouch can be simply getting more work done during meetings and collaborating more quickly and effectively.

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