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Digital Signage for Advertising is HOT!

Digital Signage for Advertising is HOT!

The new primetime for advertising means constantly being able to reach your desired audience during their daily commute, in their office building, at the gym and at the bar – all while complementing other media channels. It also means accepting nothing less than ease, performance and accountability from digital place-based networks. Digital Signage is the path of reaching this advertising primetime.  If you want to maximize all benefits to your consumers and company this strategy of technological displays is the way to go.

When ‘Digital Signage’ is spoken of, it should be known that it is referred to as digital displays. These displays are great resources for marketers to use. With the ability to show advertising, branding, way-finding, entertainment and multitudes of other information, digital displays are literally everywhere in our lives. Retailers and corporate advertisement companies using digital displays are increasingly common. Every-day healthcare organizations, hospitality corporations, higher education campuses, and government administrations are investing and utilizing the strong appeal that Digital Signage presents. The variety of benefits that digital signage brings to the table are endless.

Reduce the costs

Digital Display screens can vary in price due to the dimensions, brands, number of panels, resolution, etc. Although, before an investment of a projector occurs, consider the costs for lamp and filter replacements, unexpected color-wheel failures, mounting options, resolution, and reliability. The upfront maintenance of projection systems can be 5, 10, or even 20 times the price for a comparable LCD or LED Video Wall, with identical resolution, and similar features. To learn more about the pricing or to receive a quote for a Digital Signage installation fill out your contact information below.

Maximize the connection

Remote access to digital displays is even easier now with integrating into your existing network. Digital monitors can be connected to the web allowing news feeds, Twitter feeds, currency and weather updates and more to be incorporated into the display. Blog posts and video content from video sites such as YouTube and eHow may be included in the display as well. For example, in a doctor’s office a monitor could display general health facts, tips and feature via real-time news RSS feeds.

Increase the engagement

63% of people report that digital signage has captured their attention more than TV, internet, & billboard advertising. The audience engagement of displays have an immense ability to increase the sales of products and services while captivating the attention of a customer. The capability to break news in real-time, change screen presentations daily, and present a variety of engaging content all at once, are all possible while utilizing digital displays. The bottom line is that a direct view of a digital display is an obvious choice. The razor thin margin between panels comes at a substantial cost savings, dramatically increased reliability and flexibility. Your display will deliver unsurpassed contrast, brightness and overall maintenance free performance for years. Simply turn it on and that's all. Digital signage is an obvious, cost effective and full featured choice, superior in almost every respect to the overpriced projection based alternatives.

Next Steps

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