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Audiovisual Design & Consulting Services

Audiovisual Design & Consulting Services

There are as many different professional AV solutions as there are uses for them. With such a wide array of audio visual solutions available today, and as that number increases with the ongoing evolution of technology, audiovisual design and consulting services provide expert interpretation of needs and selection of AV solutions that fit the application and budget of a client.


Tracking and understanding the ever-increasing array of audio and video technology offerings is a full-time occupation. There are countless consumer-level solutions that are meant to be used in the home, and then there are professional AV solutions that are designed and built for robust and reliable use in enterprise applications. Many consumer products cannot withstand commercial use in an office, retail, hospitality, or healthcare application, and will require replacement after they fail. In these cases, it’s best to select professional AV equipment that is built for long hours of use and has been designed with proper inputs and outputs for enterprise audiovisual connections and commercial display standards. To ensure that you invest in an AV system that works for you now and in the future, it’s advisable to work with an AV designer who can deliver a reliable professional-grade audio visual solution that is customized to work specifically for your application.


A professional AV systems designer provides audiovisual consulting services to help determine which audio and video technologies will best match a client’s specific application. Through a detailed needs analysis and thoughtful discussion about communications and presentation goals, an AV system design is developed to achieve those objectives. Audio video consulting takes into account any current use of AV systems, and provides design analysis for upgrading existing technologies or providing new AV solutions to meet evolving demands. This AV systems design process helps to ensure ease of use, efficient operation, and the optimal selection of professional-grade audio visual equipment that will provide reliable results. After an audiovisual consultant has produced an AV system design for a client, that technology specification is then put out for bid. In this “design/bid/build” scenario, project bids are submitted by professional AV integrators, and one firm is selected to install the equipment.


Where audiovisual consulting is focused on providing enough detail for a contractor to bid on the installation of the project, design-build allows for the technology consultants and installation team to be under one roof. The design-build process interprets technology needs, produces designs, refines those designs until budget and function are agreed upon and then allows the installation team to integrate the technologies into a client’s facility. Design-build services are provided by professional audio visual solutions integrators who have the expertise of engineers, programmers, project managers, installers and a service department within the same organization. They initiate the design process and follow through with technical installation procedures to complete the project and activate a solution for use. In any of these AV design and consulting scenarios, an AV integrator may offer ongoing service and support of systems after the design and integration phases are complete. As the client becomes familiar with the system and use of the audio visual technology evolves, the AV designer can integrate and maintain new upgrades.

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