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Are You CTS Certified? Here’s Why You Should Be.

Are You CTS Certified? Here’s Why You Should Be.


As a healthcare simulation professional, your focus is providing training opportunities for healthcare students and professionals that will ultimately help them improve patient outcomes, and that takes a lot of different types of equipment. There are healthcare technologies such as manikins and vital sign monitors. There are AV technologies such as displays, cameras, speakers, and microphones. And much of that technology must interface with a larger IT network. Managing all those technologies and requirements, however, can take a sim tech’s focus away from running successful trainings, especially if you are unfamiliar with some of the tools in your healthcare simulation center.  For example, an EMT-turned-sim tech will be familiar with medical terminology and equipment, but might be completely lost when it comes to running the AV equipment that is a critical part of every healthcare simulation center. AV industry certifications such as the Certified Technology Specialist™ (CTS®) program can help sim techs round out their skill set and provide more comprehensive service to their healthcare simulation centers.


The CTS certification is the leading AV professional credential worldwide. The certification accredited under the International Organization of Standardization (ISO) represents an open, tested, and clear set of AV industry standards. For sim techs, a CTS certification shows a commitment to providing the highest level of service in all aspects of healthcare simulation, including AV. With a CTS certification, simulation technicians can:

  • Create, operate, and service AV solutions.
  • Conduct AV management activities for simulation centers while staying on time and on budget.
  • Understand how to discuss AV issues and requirements with other AV professionals, like installers and integrators.
  • Further their professional development and expand their skill set.

Healthcare simulation centers that employ CTS-certified sim techs enjoy the reassurance that their staff members are multi-disciplinary professionals who are also aware of industry standards of ethics and conduct.


You’re not required to take any courses or trainings before you sit for the CTS certification exam but it’s highly recommended, especially if you are new to AV. AVIXA has administered the CTS program for more than 30 years and offers a wide variety of online and in-person training opportunities that can help you prepare for the CTS exam. Once you pass the test, these classes and trainings can also help you keep your certification current. Here are some other insider tips for preparing for the CTS exam:

  • Read the CTS Candidate Handbook. It provides valuable information about the testing process and format, and it also includes the exam application.
  • Look over the CTS exam content outline. This will give you an idea of type of information that will be included in the exam and can also help you recognize what topics you need to study more. Need some additional study help? Check out the CTS Exam Guide.
  • Answer some sample questions. These are not the exact questions that will be included, but they will give you a feel for what kinds of questions will be asked and how they will be presented.

Once you feel prepared, simply submit your exam application and fee. You can apply online or via fax, email, or phone.


While a CTS certification is valuable for sim techs who are new to AV, it’s not the only certification available. Depending on your background and skills, there are other trainings and certifications to consider. The healthcare simulation experts at Level 3 Audiovisual can help you assess your current skills, identify any gaps, and then guide you to education, training, or certifications that will best meet your needs. Ready to get started? Contact an expert today.

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