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3 AV Questions Every Sim Tech Should Ask

3 AV Questions Every Sim Tech Should Ask


Take a look at the job description for a simulation technician and your head might start to spin. From programming vital signs to setting up scenarios to managing inventory to applying moulage, there are lots of skills sim techs need. But understanding how to operate and troubleshoot the audiovisual system is one of the most important skills a sim tech needs to keep a simulation center running smoothly.

From the manikins used in scenarios to the cameras that record each exercise for debriefing later, and from medical equipment that reads vital signs to the microphones and speakers that allow students and instructors to hear each other clearly, technology is key to the success of any simulation program. When technology fails or is difficult to use, it can bring your entire simulation center to a standstill. Understanding the ins and outs of your simulation center’s AV system, and knowing who to ask for help when you need it, can be the difference between success or failure in healthcare simulation.


So, what is a sim tech without much AV experience to do? There are formal certifications and training you can pursue, and every sim tech should build a network of peers to share questions, lessons learned, and best practices. In addition, you should take advantage of the AV experts who install, monitor and maintain your AV technologies. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or request some one-on-one training on the system. When consulting an AV expert, here are three important questions to ask.

  1. What steps should I take before I call tech support? Just because your AV system seems complex doesn’t mean that what it takes to fix it will be complicated. Have your AV expert help you develop a checklist of all the troubleshooting steps you can take on your own. Sometimes the solution is as simple as turning the power off, and then back on.
  2. What problems are common with this set-up? Even the best AV systems will have issues from time to time. Having an idea of what issues might come up will help you identify and resolve the problem faster.
  3. What is that? Sure, you might know the difference between an HDMI and VGA cable. Maybe you even set up an entertainment system or wireless security cameras at your house. But assuming to know what each piece of simulation AV equipment is, and what it does, will only create frustration when you run into issues later. If you’re not sure, ask. When it comes time to troubleshoot your AV system, you’ll be glad you did.

Despite what your job description implies, no one expects a simulation technician to know everything, or do everything on their own, which is why choosing an AV partner who can give you the training and support you need is key. Check out our blog to learn four things you should look for in a healthcare simulation partner. 

To get started with an AV expert, reach out to us here or click the chatbox below to connect instantly. We look forward to working with you!

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