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Support Services

Unleash the full potential of your audiovisual technology with expert AV integration support services.


Support services are beneficial for many reasons. Here are just a few!

Easily scale the number of supported systems in your environment.
Predictable costs
Make life easy for your accounting team with a fixed monthly fee that covers all your support needs.
Minimize system downtime and Increase reliability
Identity issues from their inception and proactively troubleshoot to avoid impact to productivity.
Competitive Advantage
Take control of your infrastructure via a collection of analytical data that will help you maximize system utilization and future technology plans.
Defined service levels
With contractual service response time requirements, you can be clear on what to expect and when to expect it.
Regulatory compliance
Build data confidentiality and compliance requirements into your agreement to ensure your technology solutions remain compliant with your existing regulations.
Built-In Expertise
Take advantage of our expertise in troubleshooting and fixing system issues, without the need to hire, train, and manage your own team.
Reduce Costs or Save Money
Reduce hardware expenses, maintenance expenses, and the need for costly onsite service. Eliminate licensing fees, training fees, and staffing fees.
Fill the skills gap
Rely on a trained team of experts when your team doesn’t have the time, skills, or experience to internally manage the support of your AV systems.

Comprehensive Support Plan

Complete support of your systems through secure remote access, AV device monitoring & preventative maintenance.

Video Conferencing

Secure Remote Access

Enable secure remote access to networked AV devices, allowing for faster troubleshooting and reducing the need for more costly onsite support.
  • Minimize downtime with quick, secure troubleshooting
  • Reduce the need for costly onsite service
  • Maintain high levels of security and compliance with Zero Trust network access
  • Easily scale the number of supported systems in your environment
Video Conferencing

AV Device Monitoring

Enable proactive alerting and support to prevent impact to end users, while extending observability and gaining additional insights into your system.
  • Receive alerts on critical issues, often before it impacts productivity
  • Take control of your infrastructure via a collection of analytical data
  • Seamlessly deploy within your system and scale without limits
  • Enterprise level security provides peace of mind
  • When coupled with remote access, identity and resolve issues quickly
Video Conferencing

Preventative Maintenance

All technology needs to be cleaned and maintained. Regular maintenance may uncover system issues, prevent premature equipment failure, and provide peace of mind that AV systems are taken care of.
  • Reduce costs by extending the life of your systems
  • Properly maintained system gives peace of mind during critical meetings
  • Reduce outages and emergency support calls
  • Flexible scheduling reduces stress & maintains productivity of the end user
  • Help to uncover developing issues before productivity is impacted

One-Time Services

Legacy On-boarding

For systems not designed and installed by Level 3 Audiovisual, we offer a one-time service to document the room with photos, gather system drawings, test the system, and get our team ready to support the room.

Manufacturer Support Plans

Some manufacturers offer or require supplemental support subscriptions for hardware and/or software. Let us manage renewal and maintain an active status for you.

Spare Hardware

Additional investment in spare hardware to improve the speed at which failed hardware may be replaced. Hardware may remain in factory condition or be pre-configured as a hot swap.

QR Code Support Signage

A high-quality physical placard with QR code may be purchased and installed to enable users to quickly access contact information to our support desk.
Call Us: 1.877.777.5328
Fax: 480.892.5295
Tech Support: 480.690.4496
Call Us: 1.877.777.5328
Fax: 480.892.5295
Tech Support: 480.690.4496

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