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The platform to manage, monitor, control, gain insights and automate your AV/IT environment.

Maximize your
AV Efficiency

Large organizations often lack knowledge about their meeting room inventory, resulting in costly underutilization. Siloed systems in the AV industry exacerbate the problem, particularly for multi-location companies, leading to complications in usage, technology, system health, and cybersecurity.

In a recent survey of AV/IT professionals, results showed:

of AV/IT Systems are not being actively monitored according to the vast majority of respondents

state that they are using at least 2 or more distinct tools to monitor their AV environments

mention they are dissatisfied or extremely dissatisfied with their monitoring solutions and practice

indicate they are under pressure to have their AV environment completely monitored within 6 months

Crosspoint is the solution
for all your problems...

Well, your AV problems.

CrossPoint brings forth a transformative solution to the enterprise's fragmented asset data challenge. It introduces a unified view of systems, devices, locations, and projects, paving the way for intelligent, data-driven decision-making in the industry. This marks a new era of enhanced efficiency and effectiveness for all types of enterprise businesses.


Don't know how many rooms I have, when they were last upgraded, or what is in them.

CrossPoint solves this problem by providing a comprehensive inventory management system that tracks room details, upgrade history, and asset information in a centralized platform.

Don't have a useful way to direct repair personnel to the correct device in the correct space for the issue at hand.

CrossPoint offers precise device mapping, providing clear guidance to repair personnel to locate and address issues accurately within specific spaces.

Don't have an easy way to find project documentation, code, config files, images, test reports, etc.

CrossPoint serves as a centralized repository for project documentation, code, configuration files, images, test reports, and other relevant resources, making it easy to access and retrieve essential information.


Uninterrupted Operations

Experience no downtime when an application goes down with high availability.

Real-time Health Checks

Conduct health checks every 5 seconds across all servers, control platforms, and spaces within your environment.

Swift Recovery

CrossPoint ensures quick recovery, often without human intervention, reducing downtime to mere seconds.

Automated Workflows

Effortlessly manage and automate previously time-consuming manual tasks with our streamlined workflows.


Authored by experts in the field, this comprehensive whitepaper offers expert analysis and practical recommendations to help you optimize your AV system monitoring strategies and drive improved performance across your organization.

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With custom built KPI's to fit your organization,

CrossPoint goes beyond being a generic
"one size fits all" solution.

With its data-driven approach and focus on continuous improvement, CrossPoint empowers your organization to customize and build personalized key performance indicators (KPIs), tailoring the tool to meet your specific needs. This level of customization leads to significant improvements in SLA adherence, uptime, and issue resolution speed. By leveraging CrossPoint's capabilities, you can reduce operational costs and enhance productivity, eliminating the need for on-site waiting while ensuring seamless and uninterrupted meetings.

An Industry First

CrossPoint disrupts the traditional development approach where specialized programmers lack standards and client input. It automates complex tasks and workflows, replacing costly industry specialists, and offers a configurable business logic engine. Regain control over system behavior with CrossPoint, empowering your organization to shape solutions according to your needs.

Remote Monitoring

Traditional monitoring of smart systems has been fragmented, vendor-dependent, or non-existent, lacking accuracy and valuable insights. CrossPoint changes the game by providing purpose-built solutions for remote monitoring and proactive support of rooms and digital ecosystems, overcoming these limitations and delivering enhanced client value.

Hybrid Cloud

CrossPoint offers flexible delivery as Software as a Service (SaaS) from our public cloud, your virtual private cloud, or both. This ensures alignment with your organization's IT and Cloud strategy, enterprise architecture, approved integrations, policies, patterns, and security by design. Experience true user-centric design in action once again.

Advanced Analytics

Crosspoint's robust analytics engine collects and analyzes data from multiple AV sources, providing valuable insights into usage patterns, system performance, and user behaviors. This enables data-driven decisions, optimized resource allocation, and proactive issue resolution, empowering businesses to enhance operational efficiency and elevate the AV experience.


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Call Us: 1.877.777.5328
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