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Networked AV Systems with Jeremy Elsesser

Networked AV Systems

Saturday June 4th - Monday June 6th 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

This advanced, three-day course explores the impacts of audiovisual systems on networks. Gain an in-depth understanding of network architecture, components, protocols, security, and important considerations to implement AV over the network. 

Who Should Take This Course:  

  • CTS holders  
  • Integrators 
  • Design consultants 
  • AV and IT managers 
  • IT professionals who are responsible for designing, implementing, or maintaining networked AV systems 

Students must have experience in network configuration and or have taken the Networking Technology course.  

Course Features:  

  • Discover client needs for networked systems, beginning with a robust introduction to IT networks and terminology. 
  • Intercept, filter, and read network conversations between AV and IT devices through interactive Wireshark network analyzer demos.  
  • Discuss streaming, digital signage, conferencing, security, service level agreements, remote monitoring and management, and other software applications.  
  • Specify devices for enterprise networks while navigating conflicts between network policies and customer demands.  
  • Learn how to agree upon, document and stick to shared expectations for networked systems with allied IT trades.

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Call Us: 1.877.777.5328
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