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INFOCOMM: Measuring Intelligibility with STIPA with Jeremy Elsesser and Jim Maltese

Measuring Intelligibility with STIPA

Thursday June 9th, 2022 11:30 am - 12:30 pm

Audio is described in many different ways. It can be echo-y, or hollow, or thin, or “like a middle school gymnasium”. One thing is for sure, we know when it’s bad. If users can’t be understood, or if meetings can’t last more than 10 minutes without users getting fatigued attempting to translate the poor audio into something meaningful, we have an issue. There are many ways to assure system audio is designed and setup correctly, but how do you verify if the system is intelligible? Enter the STIPA intelligibility test.

In this session, we will put STIPA to the test. Not only will we discuss measuring intelligibility and how to perform STIPA testing, we’ll also put it to use. The local PA system will be measured to see how well it is distributing audio to the room. And for fun, we’ll also measure the effects of face masks on intelligibility, so see how these necessary precautions are affecting the way we communicate. Users will walk away with knowledge of measuring intelligibility, when and how to measure STIPA, what tolerances should be allowed in their systems, and some fun, anecdotal testing results about whether face masks affect the way we communicate.

View Session Here: https://www.infocommshow.org/infocomm-2022/measuring-intelligibility-with-stipa

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