3rd Party Testing & Verification: It Comes Down to Trust


We are seeing a shift in the way construction projects are being delivered. In many cases a project is not considered complete until a 3rd Party Commissioning Team has verified all deliverables. Especially with today's mission-critical AV Technology, there is simply too much at risk to leave systems unchecked.

In this webinar the Level 3 AV crew explores quality management concepts and techniques, as well as, the most effective way to apply them to your AV program.

Topics include:

  • What does AV9000 quality management do for your team
  • Leveraging 3rd party quality management for consistency across all collaborative spaces
  • Providing protection for your users and your organization's investment in AV Technology

Moderated by:

Jim Maltese - Vice President of Quality Standards


Jeremy Elsesser – President

Jeff Bethke - Vice President of Engineering

Fred Loucks - Director of Technology and Innovation

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