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Don't know how many rooms I have, when they were last upgraded, or what is in them.

CrossPoint solves this problem by providing a comprehensive inventory management system that tracks room details, upgrade history, and asset information in a centralized platform.

Don't know if my rooms are working until someone calls me to say they aren't.

With CrossPoint's real-time monitoring capabilities, you can proactively detect issues and ensure the functionality of your rooms, eliminating the need for reactive troubleshooting.

Don't know where to put/relocate people to when a room has an issue.

CrossPoint offers room relocation guidance, enabling you to swiftly and efficiently redirect users to alternative spaces when issues arise, minimizing disruptions.

Don't know which alerts are worth prioritizing for resolution and I need a clear way to identify the impact on the space's SLA / downtime budget.

CrossPoint provides intelligent alert management, allowing you to prioritize alerts based on their impact on the space's service level agreement (SLA) and downtime budget, ensuring efficient resolution of critical issues.

Nobody trusts the AV team with security / on-premise devices.

CrossPoint addresses security concerns by implementing robust security measures, building trust in the AV team's ability to handle on-premise devices securely and efficiently.

Don't have a useful way to direct repair personnel to the correct device in the correct space for the issue at hand.

CrossPoint offers precise device mapping, providing clear guidance to repair personnel to locate and address issues accurately within specific spaces.

Don't have an easy way to find project documentation, code, config files, images, test reports, etc.

CrossPoint serves as a centralized repository for project documentation, code, configuration files, images, test reports, and other relevant resources, making it easy to access and retrieve essential information.

Don't know which integrator did what spaces and when.

CrossPoint maintains a detailed record of integrator activities, documenting which integrator worked on specific spaces and the corresponding timeline.

Unable to offer an uptime agreement on a given space.

CrossPoint enables you to provide uptime agreements for spaces by effectively monitoring their performance, optimizing maintenance, and minimizing downtime.

Don't know to what degree my spaces are being used or how they are being used.

With CrossPoint's comprehensive utilization tracking and analytics capabilities, you can gain insights into the usage and technology stack of your spaces, allowing for informed decision-making and resource allocation.

Have hundreds of devices with firmware that is out of date, insecure, and difficult to upgrade, and no way to know which upgrades to prioritize.

CrossPoint streamlines firmware management by identifying outdated and vulnerable devices, prioritizing firmware upgrades, and simplifying the overall upgrade process.

Have no way to capture up-to-date survey information for my spaces.

CrossPoint facilitates the capture of up-to-date survey information for spaces through features like room sweeps, media integration, and form submissions, ensuring accurate and current data.

Have no way of knowing which of my spaces are currently being upgrade / built in a project and what their status is.

CrossPoint provides visibility into ongoing projects, allowing you to track which spaces are being upgraded or built, along with their respective statuses.

Don't know which spaces have tickets open for current issues.

CrossPoint's ticket management system enables you to track and monitor open tickets for current issues, ensuring effective resolution and accountability.

Don't know when the warranty on my devices expire.

CrossPoint includes warranty tracking functionality, allowing you to monitor and stay informed about the expiration dates of device warranties, ensuring timely maintenance and support.

Meeting room data is spread out across several different tools & data silos, most of which are inaccurate to some degree.

CrossPoint consolidates meeting room data from various sources into a unified platform, ensuring accuracy and eliminating data silos.


Authored by experts in the field, this comprehensive whitepaper offers expert analysis and practical recommendations to help you optimize your AV system monitoring strategies and drive improved performance across your organization.

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Features that matter
Uninterrupted Operations

Experience no downtime when an application goes down with high availability.

Real-time Health Checks

Conduct health checks every 5 seconds across all servers, control platforms, and spaces within your environment.

Swift Recovery

Crosspoint ensures quick recovery, often without human intervention, reducing downtime to mere seconds.

Automated Workflows

Effortlessly manage and automate previously time-consuming manual tasks with our streamlined workflows.

Remote Monitoring

Enable remote monitoring of your environment, empowering your operations team to proactively support services while working from home.

Flexible Hosting

Choose between hosting on the public cloud, virtual private cloud, or a combination of both.

Enhanced Standardization

Simplify the standardization of designs to create consistent user experiences throughout your organization.

Reliable Support and Updates

Enjoy continuous support and guaranteed reliability, backed by us and the industry, with regular updates.

Service Standardization Control

Leverage your organization's SSO and maintain supportability while achieving design flexibility.

Disaster Resilience

Deploy rooms across multiple data centers and regions to reduce the impact of disasters and enable canary deployments.

Live Reconfiguration

Seamlessly reconfigure rooms without disrupting end-users, requiring minimal technical knowledge.

Vendor Self-Service

Empower vendors to deploy rooms effortlessly through a portal, using automated workflows and no programming.

API-First Approach

Embracing an API-first approach, we seamlessly integrate with other systems and platforms.

Intelligent Alerting

Experience intelligent alerts with applied machine learning, automatically promoting tickets to ServiceNow and resolving issues to eliminate alert fatigue.

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Call Us: 1.877.777.5328
Fax: 480.892.5295
Tech Support: 480.690.4496

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