Arizona State University,
Beus Center for Law & Society

A Higher Education Campus AV Integration Case Study

The Beus Center for Law and Society (formerly known as the Arizona Center for Law and Society) is the new home to the Sandra Day O-Connor College of Law at Arizona State University. ASU is ranked among the top 25 Law schools in the nation and within the top 20 for job placement. The BCLS space which covers six floors and 280,000 square feet was designed to be inviting, engaging and accessible to visitors wanting to learn more about the law, its effects on our daily lives, and the services and resources available through ASU and their partners.

Executive Conference Center

The Executive Conference Center at the college is one of the most impressive pieces in current audiovisual technology. It features a large elliptical table with custom curved projection screens wrapped on the inside edge. Teaming up with the designers at JBL Architects, Level 3 AV was able to pull off this amazing blended technology using 20 projectors. Having this “360 degree” video wall allows meeting members to see face-to-face while still viewing presentation images on the inside screens. The conference center is also outfitted with three recessed ceiling mounted cameras with voice location automation technology that puts each person speaking into a clear view during video conferencing sessions. This two-part system of a 360-degree video wall and voice location automation technology gives all 30-people seated at the table the ability to be front and center for speaking and engagement for video conferencing.

The Great Hall

The 150 seat lecture hall inside the building has the ability to “open up” to a “Great Hall” which is used for appellate court sessions and live TV broadcasts. It’s a large, modular area with stadium bench seating. A 36 foot wide motorized projection screen can drop down from a recessed area in the ceiling with a push of a button on the custom lectern. Two image blended projectors create large format, multi window image capabilities so that all 150 people seated in the hall have a clear line of sight. The space is beautiful, contemporary and constantly has students working in and around it. This space it utilized for independent study, along with events, hosted by ASU at the Beus Center for Law and Society.

Lobby NanoLumens LED Video Wall

Nanolumens was the preferred LED video wall partner for this project based on cost and future service capabilities. This beautiful 11.5ftHx33ftW corner-wrapped video wall has a pixel pitch of 4mm and can show videos, images, live video streaming and slideshows. The video wall has the capability to run graphics across the entire display or switching to multi-image windowing so each wall can show it’s own graphics. Switching between full and split displays throughout the videos and images creates a stunning, dynamic feel to the space. The Nanolumens video wall can be seen from the street as well which attracts people that aren’t familiar with law into the space, which is exactly what ASU was hoping for.

Multi-Touch Interactive Video Wall

This impressive 2×6 video wall is fully interactive in the lobby of the building. The interactivity has many functions for visitors to the school and for students alike looking for activities in downtown Phoenix. The video wall was programmed and Level 3 AV mounted the panels so that the wall could be easily serviceable in the future. As you can see by the install pictures, the thin bezels and brightness just invite users to interact with it.

Simulated Courtroom

What law school wouldn’t be complete without a mock up courtroom? And that is exactly what ASU did. This room features 3 motorized projection screens that drop down via lifts from the ceiling. They are completely hidden when the room is not set to “In-Use”. The lectern at the front of the room is outfitted with AMX and controls all of the rooms AV. Wired microphones are dropped in from the ceilings and speakers are installed throughout. PTZ cameras are used so that students and faculty can view the courtroom proceedings as well as recording for future review.

Lecture Halls & Classrooms

The lecture halls and classrooms at ASU are completely state-of-the-art. Each room has AMX scheduling panels on the outside confirming what classes are taking place. Once you enter, you are instantly engulfed in technology. Drop down projector screens come down from recessed ceiling panels to project two screens on each side of the room for maximum visibility. Each classroom and lecture hall has a lectern at the head of the class offering the instructor full control of the classroom. The lecterns can setup the entire room with the touch of one button. Each room is also equipped with several PTZ cameras offering students the ability to “tune-in” to the classrooms when they are away from the building.

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