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Sagewood Independent Living Auditorium

A Hospitality Auditorium AV Installation Case Study

Set on over 85 acres in North Scottsdale, Sagewood’s bucolic setting offers the perfect environment for an active retiree lifestyle, in part because of the integration of technology, and comfort, that Level 3 Audiovisual provided for their Multipurpose auditorium.

Walking into the combined/divide multipurpose auditorium, you are welcomed with lobby displays showing events, maps/directories, and interactive content. The combinable rooms are malleable, providing flexible options for multifaceted AV presentations/events.

The three Way Combine and Divide Space includes ALS hearing assist system connects to hearing aids for sound reinforcement, as well as providing better technology for the hearing impaired

Crestron touch panels give the user room and equipment control, which creates a more accessible, easier to use system. Additionally, the board was created with the needs and sensitivities of the target population in mind (ease of use, streamlined, etc.)

Custom sound booth provides control of advanced audio, mixing, and live streaming, powered and controlled by a Biamp server.

It was the biggest challenge was installing the t coil system under carpet, the carpet was delayed and our schedule was thrown off. When the T Coil system was finally up and running, it was a major accomplishment to our Level 3 Audiovisual team, and the Sagewood Organization.

The Sagewood Multipurpose auditorium included:

  • 3 Sony laser projectors and screens.
  • Crestron 32×32 matrix
  • 3 10” touch panels
  • 3 7” touch panels
  • 1 20” touch panel in control booth
  • Full audio mixing console from Allen and Health
  • Camera controller
  • Biamp server
  • ALS Listen system (t coil)

View project video HERE.

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Call Us: 1.877.777.5328
Fax: 480.892.5295
Tech Support: 480.690.4496

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