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Level 3 Audiovisual Integrates Revolutionary Technology for New Hybrid Workplaces

Automated camera switching makes videoconferences more efficient, productive, and engaging with video that treats all participants equally.

As companies permanently adopt remote work models that rely on virtual meetings, they face challenges in ensuring quality interaction that fosters productivity and allows equitable participation. Level 3 Audiovisual, a leading AV systems integrator, says that technology breakthroughs that enable automated camera switching provide a solution that enhances efficiency and elevates the user experience in remote meetings. 

Level 3 Audiovisual, a top AV solutions provider for nearly three decades, has completed more than 2,000 major projects in 22 countries for clients as diverse as Chase Bank, Amex, Visa, eBay, New York University, and the Mayo Clinic. 

Jeff Bethke, Chief Business Officer, at Level 3 Audiovisual, points to the emergence of innovative solutions from companies, including 1 Beyond and Seervision since acquired by industry giants Crestron and QSC:

“Their innovations underscore a pivotal shift in technology to accommodate evolving needs,” he said. “We have found that their advancements in automated camera switching systems effectively capture much better shots of participants in larger rooms to produce an equitable meeting. This is a stark contrast to the “bowling alley” experience with legacy camera solutions where those in the room are not represented to remote participants in a quality and size to which we’ve all grown accustomed using our web cams at home.”    

The emergence of innovative solutions from companies like 1 Beyond and Seervision underscores a pivotal shift in technology to accommodate evolving needs. These advancements in automated camera switching systems not only enhance meeting efficiency but also democratize virtual interactions, fostering inclusivity and productivity in the digital workplace landscape.  

The demand for a better videoconferencing solution 

The new landscape includes work options from full-time remote work to hybrid work. That necessitates comprehensive meeting solutions that overcome the limitations of traditional conferencing setups, which struggle to provide remote participants with clear video and context of who is in the room.  

Conference rooms often have challenges with providing comprehensive visibility. Poor camera angles and limited coverage hinder effective communication between onsite and remote participants.  

That typically requires cameras to be manually adjusted, but users and even tech managers regularly struggle with manual camera control, which can disrupt meetings and reduce efficiency and productivity. Manually adjusted cameras also can allow some meeting participants to dominate the visuals, which prevents equitable representation of all present and reduces participants’ engagement with the discussion.  

These quality and equity issues are not solved with UCaaS providers and software alone. Level 3’s Bethke said: “Platform solutions like Microsoft Teams Rooms and Zoom Rooms lack some features essential for managing larger conference rooms effectively.” Specifically, the platforms cannot integrate or process either any, or not enough, camera streams to ensure clear visibility of all participants, so they do not provide "meeting equity," where all people receive equal, high-quality video representation.  

How automated camera switching systems provide a solution 

To resolve these issues, organizations need hardware-based solutions, like automated camera switching systems. Level 3 Audiovisual has been deploying premium, affordable, and effective audiovisual solutions for three decades. With its diverse slate of clients, Level 3 Audiovisual has a proven track record of providing scalable conferencing solutions that can accommodate varying room configurations and evolving organizational needs without significant reconfiguration or investment.  

Level 3 Audiovisual is now working with its forward-thinking clients to deploy cutting-edge automated camera switching systems provided by its vendor partners Crestron and QSC, leaders in the videoconferencing space. Their solutions seamlessly integrate with existing hardware and software ecosystems, ensuring minimal disruption to workflow processes while transforming the dynamics of large conference rooms. 

The Crestron and QSC systems utilize intelligent microphone arrays to transmit spatial coordinates, coordinating multiple cameras into preset positions and switching to the optimal camera for the active speaker. That provides seamless transitions and ensures all participants receive equal video and audio representation.  

"We’ve found that automated camera switching systems are giving our clients what they need to adapt to today’s workplace,” Bethke said. “Level 3 Audiovisual and its partners are able to provide them with a seamless and intuitive user experience that is paying off in greater employee satisfaction and productivity.”   

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