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Does Your Command Center AV Respond to Emergencies – or Create Them?

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Does Your Command Center AV Respond to Emergencies – or Create Them?

There are some instances—for example when you are choosing formal attire or a piece of decorative furniture—when form trumps function. In the case of audiovisual technology for a command and control center, however, form and function go hand in hand to help operators quickly receive and process information required to monitor and respond to specific incidents quickly and effectively.

AV technology in a command and control center has to securely support communication, coordination, and documentation of vital information. So whether you are monitoring a utility grid, a military operation, or an incident response, the right AV solutions and design are critical to the performance, success, and reliability of your command and control center. Here are three important considerations to keep in mind as you begin equipping one of these spaces.

1. Choose Control Center AV That Makes Security and Reliability Top Priority

Other AV-equipped spaces like classrooms and conference rooms require secure connections, but command and control centers usually demand the highest levels of security. These spaces are also connected 24/7, meaning there must be safeguards to keep the technology online and working correctly. Real-time information sharing and decision making are at the heart of these spaces, so there’s no time wasted on technology issues, so it’s essential to have 24/7 technology monitoring and management in place to predict, prevent, and resolve issues.

2. Design Is Critical to Command and Control Center Functionality

Choosing the right AV doesn’t matter much if your control room isn’t designed to support reliable communication and the secure transmission of sensitive and timely information. The most important consideration is how you need information to be displayed and disseminated. Because command and control centers are run by specialists who both monitor data and take action, the design and layout of a command and control center must not only accommodate data collection, but must facilitate distribution of critical instructions, notifications, and alerts as well.Additionally, you can’t get the most out of best-in-class solutions if users struggle with comfort, control, and access when using them. Consider how furniture is arranged in relation to technology, whether to customize consoles, and how lighting affects the look and feel of the room. If you begin by clearly defining the goals and use of the space, you’ll be able to align design with functionality.

3. Choose a Qualified Partner for AV Installation in Your Command and Control Center

The sensitive and mission-critical nature of AV in command and control centers makes efficient and reliable implementation of your AV technology even more important than in other areas of your organization. Level 3 AV uses strict quality control standards that ensure your technology is installed correctly the first time. By following the industry AV9000 standard, we pre-stage every installation at our headquarters so any potential issues or risks will be resolved in advance by our team of in-house engineers, designers, programmers, and project managers. This means a shorter installation time at your location, while also ensuring a reliable AV system that works right the first time. And if an issue should arise, our service and maintenance team will assist with a timely and effective resolution.

Next Steps

In addition to providing world-class installation and maintenance services, Level 3 Audiovisual also partners with top manufacturers including Nanolumens, Unilumens, LG, and Sharp so you get not only the best service available, but the best technology to meet your needs. Ready to talk about your command and control center project? Get in touch with our government AV project specialist today.

5 Reasons the Government Needs Updated Technology

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5 Reasons the Government Needs Updated Technology

For companies in the private sector, updated technology is critical to beating competitors and increasing revenue, so many businesses build their budgets to prioritize AV and IT spending. For public sector organizations, however, updating technology is not so simple. An incremental, year-to-year budgeting process can make large capital investments in technology difficult. And, because government agencies are not profit—or competition—driven, big tech investments can be difficult to justify.

However, updated technology and the way it improves business processes, delivery and customer satisfaction should be just as important to the public sector as it is to the private sector. Here are five reasons government agencies and organizations should update their technology.

Improve Government Service by Improving Technology

  1. Improve customer experience. The government has customers just like the private sector does, and their experience should matter. Government agencies of any size can use AV technology solutions such as interactive digital signage and digital message boards to provide easy access to timely information. Updated AV can also help government organizations connect with citizens through methods such as streaming town hall meetings and other public forums.
  2. Reduce repetition. Deloitte suggests government agencies use AI-powered technologies such as “bots” to take over repetitive administrative tasks. Rather than using machines to replace humans entirely, state governments in Ohio and Texas are using robotic process automation to create an augmented, “no collar” government workforce where employees have more time to focus on high-level, strategic and mission-critical tasks.
  3. Deliver services in new, efficient ways. While the type of work government agencies conduct doesn’t change very often, updated technology can help agencies do that work more efficiently and effectively. For example, the United States Postal Service (USPS) is using new technology applications to enhance the traditional package tracking experience. USPS created a digital model of their supply chain so customers can preview and manage mail and packages digitally using email notifications, an online dashboard or a mobile app. The Transportation Security Administration increased the efficiency of the airport security process by using predictive technology solutions that allow frequent travelers to get background checks before they fly and move much more quickly through security. The PreCheck program improved efficiency by reducing overall wait times for all travelers and freeing up airport security staff to focus on higher-risk travelers.
  4. Improve collaboration. Collaboration between local, state and federal government entities is more important than ever to address issues such as security, and community health and safety. For example, after concerns over hacking during the 2016 election season, state election officials have begun a partnership with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security that allows the two entities to collaborate on cybersecurity. Updated AV technology will help facilitate a new level of coordination between local, state and federal governments on election-related security.
  5. Increase security. According to Samsung, 92 percent of federal IT managers say modernizing their IT infrastructure to improve security is a critical priority. Many government agencies are turning to cloud services to increase efficiency, security and compliance. Network monitoring systems can also help public sector organizations identify and address critical vulnerabilities, manage access, and protect high-value assets.

Next Steps

Although they are not competing for customers or operating in an environment driven by the bottom line, government agencies can and should invest in new, updated technology solutions that improve satisfaction, efficiency and security. For more technology insights, subscribe to our blog.


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