AV9000 Quality Assurance Standards - Level 3 Audiovisual


We Are An AV9000 Company

AQAV uses standards developed by organizations like AVIXA (the Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Association), SynAudCon (Synergetic Audio Concepts), AES (Audio Engineering Society), SMPTE® (Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers), to provide standards that assure consistent quality across industries and around the world.

Our team is AQAV certified – in CQT & CQD, and are headquarters is the home of West Coast AQAV certification!

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Optimal User Experience

We design and install systems for an optimal user experience and operability. Our goal is to ensure your projects are completed on time thanks to our quality standard process.

On-time Guarantee

These standards prevent system failure so you have less downtime and fewer repairs. Because of AV9000 we catch defect in solutions before they are put into use.

Maximize Your Investment

Out team follows up to resolve issues with your AV solutions. Maximizing your investment with efficient installation and prevention of issues down the road.

What is AV9000?

AV9000 compliance and certification show prospective customers that your organization is committed to consistency and quality in internal processes company-wide, not just on an ad hoc or individual basis. Audiovisual technologies are complex and often interdependent and individual technical skills are simply not enough to guarantee quality across an entire system. Quality—in other words conforming with customer requirements—requires cooperation and coordination across teams, and quality management principles embedded in those internal processes helps every team member track compliance and quickly and effectively address defects.

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