The City of Surprise Council Chambers - Level 3 Audiovisual

The City of Surprise Council Chambers

A Higher Education Campus Install

Project Scope

The upgraded Council Chamber was integrated with the following items, designed and engineered by Level 3 Audio Visual:

  • Local content display and source content input at various locations including:
    • Council Dais
    • Council Staff Seating
    • Audience Seating
    • Lobby
    • Broadcast Control Room
    • Presentation Lectern
  • Dual 2×2 Video Walls for displaying source content to audience
  • Video and Audio connections to and from a nearby broadcast control room
  • Touch screen control from various locations
  • Individual keypad control form Dais
  • Integrated voting system
  • Teleconferencing capability via POTS analog phone line
  • Speech and program audio reproduction using microphones and distributed overhead speaker system
  • Equipment rack rewiring and space addition to create a serviceable equipment rack
  • End-to-end digital video system with some analog support where needed
Arizona Audio Visual Integration Video Wall Government Council Chambers
Audio Visual Government Technology Integration Experts

Our Solutions

The system received inputs from the following locations and sources:

  • Lectern
    • PC (owner furnished)
    • Video connection (HDMI) from PC will be split at the lectern and sent to a Level 3 Audiovisual provided local monitor in addition to the matrix switching system
  • Tascam DVD player
  • Laptop HSMI and VGA/Audio connection in existing cable cubby
  • Floor box auxiliary (qty 2) channels to send content into system. AMX transmitters will be supplied and floor box connector will be RJ45 type with appropriate labeling.
  • Dais
    • Right wing wall plate transmitter
    • Left Wing/Clerk wall plate transmitter
  • Staff
    • Right side wall plate transmitter
    • Left side wall plate transmitter
  • Audience
    • Existing video inputs at wall plates will be removed and plated.
  • Broadcast Control Room System
    • The owner

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