Higher Education AV Solutions

Higher Education AV Solutions

Whether it’s graduate, undergraduate, or executive education, your higher education programs are under intense competitive pressure to perform.

Students demand to be challenged, engaged, and transformed by your curriculum. Having educational technology in the classroom has shown to increase student interaction and performance.

Your commitment to your student’s educational experience is most apparent in their audiovisual experience.

Crisp audio carrying the instructor’s voice to the back of the room, sharp images creating powerful visuals, and seamless integration of equipment to make sure it all comes together.

We help you deliver on the promise of a world-class education.

When you partner with Level 3 Audiovisual, you form a lasting relationship with a company as committed to your student’s experience as you are.

We focus on delivering high quality audiovisual solutions for your campus while managing to the timeline you need and the budget you’ve set.

Creating an exceptional audiovisual experience is the core curriculum at Level 3 AV.

Let us show you how.


Large format settings like auditoriums pose unique challenges for ensuring that the audience remains engaged. A solid audiovisual platform is the key to keeping eyes glued to the front of the room.

With the help of Level 3 AV, you can create a unique auditorium experience that will capture the imagination (and attention) of any guest, student, or faculty that walks in the door.

We can help you make the most mundane presentation memorable with:

  • High definition audiovisual systems
  • 3D projectors
  • Crisp Sound Reinforcement
  • Control Systems
  • Video Conferencing
  • Lecture Capture
  • Custom Integrated Lecterns

From the site survey to the layout map to the final integration, we will partner with your project team to make sure that your project goals are met on time and within budget and that your system is easily used and understood by your faculty and guests.

Across the United States, our Education Division has helped refine technologies to improve campus audio and visual systems since 2006 – solutions that draw on our extensive experience with major corporations and medical institutions.

Let our experienced consultation team build a custom proposal to handle your auditorium audiovisual project. Contact us today.


Imagine a classroom that extends beyond the boundaries of its four walls – using interactive displays, wireless collaboration tools that support BYOD initiatives, projectors, video conferencing, eBeam interactive solutions, interactive classroom huddle spaces and classroom amplification to deliver educational technology in the classroom that truly impacts the students.

Level 3 AV offers a host of custom audiovisual solutions to help you turn your classrooms into a place that does more than facilitate instruction. We help facilitate engagement and collaboration through flawless audiovisual integration.

As an innovator in the field of educational audiovisual solutions, Level 3 AV brings more than technical expertise and a track record of reliable service – we bring a passion for quality and relentless pursuit of exceptional execution.

Contact Level 3 AV today and find out what it’s like to work with a true partner in the audiovisual industry.

Clinical Skills Center

Level 3 AV provides next generation clinical skills centers for your medical program to give your students the edge they need to transition book learning to practical application.

When you work with our experts and innovators in medical audiovisual solutions, you transform your clinical skill center into a state-of-the-art learning platform and building an environment that supports clinical study.

Our clinical skills centers help you advance the learning of medical students, putting them ahead of their competition when it comes to applied learning.

Here are some of the things with which we assist:

  • High definition recording and archiving
  • Live broadcast instruction actions to student terminals
  • Broadcast and Record student actions for instructor review
  • Custom recording solutions for various medical procedures
  • Broadcast the classroom to Distance Learning classrooms across campus or across the country.
  • Enhance medical simulations with audiovisual integration of simulation mannequins
  • Custom communications solutions
  • Simulation Control Room design and integration

Protect your investment in your student’s future success.

Contact Level 3 AV today to learn more how we help you use audiovisual integration to take your students performance to the next level.

Control Rooms

Level 3 AV understands that your campus security control room is more than just a place to display camera feeds – they are nerve centers that must be able to integrate with a wide variety of systems such as video feeds, physical access control, audio feeds, PSA’s and digital signage.

Properly integrated, your campus security control room offers your team varied options to increase efficiency, improve safety of campus visitors, and reduce long-term operating costs.

When you work with us to build your campus control room, we will evaluate all of your integration needs up front and make sure all of the critical systems are tied in to provide the control that your team needs to perform.

Let Level 3 AV work with you on your campus control room and turn it into an effective risk management asset. Contact us today to learn more.

Digital Signage

As campuses grow more complex and as the ways in which they are used continue to expand, digital signage is a critical asset for giving you the ability to connect quickly with your students and visitors.

Digital signs have the ability to provide real time information and critical updates with remote update capabilities. They serve as great way finding displays as well as interactive hands on displays for key information that students need at their fingertips. Not to mention the key benefits of using digital signage for emergency notification systems.

Level 3 AV builds digital signage solutions with the end user in mind. With networking, remote access and digital signage players and streamers, you can guarantee your message is delivered on time and on target.

When you work with a Level 3 AV digital signage project manager, we consult with your team to ensure optimal placement for maximum exposure of your message for a great ROI.

Our years of industry experience, expertise, and flexibility allow us to deliver you a custom solution that meets your needs.

Learn how we create a powerful digital signage experience for you and your students. Contact us today to learn more.


Today’s lecterns are more like command consoles than speaker’s podiums.

To get the best results from your integrated audiovisual systems, you need lecterns that are set-up to seamlessly manage a wide variety of systems.

If you’re looking to upgrade your lecterns, Level 3 AV offers many effective solutions:

  • Noise-cancelling microphones
  • Lecture recording and archiving
  • Touch panel displays
  • AV systems controls
  • Adjustable monitor mount
  • Digital material sharing with student devices
  • Moveable, remote PTZ cameras for ultimate presenter control

Your students and your instructors deserve the best tools. Let us help you deliver.

Contact Level 3 AV today. We’ll evaluate your budget, instructor needs, room set-up, and build a solution that impresses and performs.

Lecture Halls

Over the years, lecture halls have transformed into heavily populated classrooms.

Audiovisual integration solutions allow instructors to bridge the gap, turning mass instruction into an engaging way to deliver content to students.

We provide a wide range of customizable lecture hall audiovisual technologies to drive maximum return on your investment. Examples include:

  • Distributed Audio
  • Document Cameras
  • Lecture Capture
  • Video Conferencing
  • Interactive whiteboard solutions for lecture halls
  • Custom Lecterns with integrated AV control
  • Projection, screen and LCD Display solutions

When it comes to your audiovisual integration for your lecture halls, you want a partner with credentials and education market experience. Contact us today and let Level 3 AV update or upgrade your lecture halls.

Recording Archiving

Whether it’s to enhance campus security or improve the student’s and teacher’s experience, your higher education institution needs robust audiovisual recording and archiving solutions.

Level 3 AV has extensive experience managing the variety of data management needs for higher education institutions including:

  • Lecture recording
  • Auditorium events
  • Remote teaching recording and broadcasting

We coordinate with your team to evaluate your specific recording and archiving needs. Once we complete our initial consultation, we review the specific recommendations with you and then build out an implementation plan.

If you want to work with an industry leader in recording and archiving systems for education, contact Level 3 AV for an evaluation.

Video Walls

From the classroom to the break room, video walls are playing a greater role in the way higher education institutions engage with your students, faculty, and guests.

Visually impressive, video walls provide high resolution content across multiple screens. Whether a classroom presentation, looping video content, or for special events, your video walls need to consistently perform.

Level 3 AV sources its video walls from top industry providers, using LCD and LED technology with thin bezels, brilliant colors and long life spans.

Our team of video wall consultants understands that location, layout, and size of the displays are critical to getting you the results you’re looking to achieve.

We work with your team during the initial consultation, through implementation, and during the post-sales support so you know you’re video wall will perform effortlessly.

Interactive White Board Solutions

Interactive whiteboards are a growing trend in higher education. The technology has changed immensely and goes beyond a traditional “Smartboard”. You can now turn static whiteboards, and LCD displays into engaging multi-media tools, empowering instructors and engaging students.

When you combine this platform with Level 3 AV’s expertise and technology knowledge, you create a platform that goes beyond the classroom to the student’s wider world.

Here are some things that we can deliver:

  • Annotatable, interactive digital presentations with multiple simultaneous inputs from teachers and students
  • Save, record, share, and repeat activities
  • Extended content sharing with student devices, in or out of the classroom
  • Supports mobile interactivity for instructors on the go

Level 3 AV is a government contracted education supplier of AV products and services so you can get the most out of your audiovisual investment in interactive whiteboard solutions from partners like eBeam, NEC, DisplayNote, Hitachi Starboard, and Sharp.

Contact Level 3 AV today and let us craft a custom solution to deliver results for your institution.

If you’re looking for an audiovisual partner that provides exceptional value and comprehensive support for your video wall project, contact Level 3 AV today – 1-877-777-5328.


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