Government AV Solutions

Government AV Solutions

Perfecting audiovisual integrations for the federal government is something Level 3 Audiovisual takes seriously. Working with government entities like NASA, SOCOM and the Army takes a special kind of attention to detail, follow through and extensive project management experience.

At Level 3 AV we take a consultative approach to our government integration solutions. Listening carefully to your needs helps us identify and strengthen the design and integration process so we can move the project through on time, on budget and working correctly.

Whether it’s a control room or a video wall, Level 3 Audiovisual can take on any job with it’s in-house team of design engineers, software developers and project managers.

With pre-staging your build in our 10,000 sq ft staging facility and using an AV9000 approach we can assure quality control is done right and remain focused on delivering the highest quality integration possible.

Let us show you how our integration solutions are turning heads and winning awards.


Having a modern, state of the art boardroom for your government facility shouldn’t be challenging. With so many variables such as acoustic treatments, projectors, LCD screens, microphones, shading and lighting controls, it’s easy to see why some people can be overwhelmed with the technology.

That’s why at Level 3 Audiovisual it is our goal to make not only the integration of this technology seamless, but also the end users understanding and usability of that technology.

Need a touchscreen controller custom programmed for your boardroom needs? We have certified, Crestron control programmers in house that can custom code and design beautiful user interfaces for your touch screens so that you can use all aspects of your AV system with the touch of a button.

Are you in search of a boardroom that can handle bring your own device (BYOD) but also function as a meeting and presentation space? Level 3 AV has designers and engineers on staff to dedicate time to your best use case so you get exactly what you need and expected.

A government boardroom should showcase current technology in an easy to use and functional way. To get started on your next build, contact us today.

Command & Control Rooms

Designing, building and integrating for today’s modern military command & control rooms has to be done correctly. With high level military personnel making split second decisions that can have serious consequences it’s imperative that your command and control room is not only functional but highly efficient.

That’s where Level 3 Audiovisual steps in. We take into consideration many factors when integrating for a war room. Elements like lighting, sight lines and even furniture ergonomics come into play to make a successful control room actionable.

When your mission critical information is coming in from many sources, trust that Level 3 AV has the years of integration experience to make sure that information comes in correctly and timely.

One thing is for certain, when times are tense in a control room, the last thing you need to worry about is your AV system working correctly. With Level 3 AV, you can trust it will. Call us today.

Control Systems

Anyone can sell you a control system. But designing the user interface and customizing everything to the client’s needs is a whole different story. That’s why the programmers at Level 3 Audiovisual ask the right questions so you know your system will perform how it should.

Level 3 AV takes pride in our certifications and deep understanding of control systems, how they are used and final functionality. That’s why our programmers are AMX and Crestron certified, so you can be sure your control system won’t fail at the wrong time.

Government agencies that utilize state of the art control systems can take charge of their AV systems with total control over the entire system. From lighting and shade controllers to audio and video presentations. Our custom control systems are designed from the ground up for your specific needs.

Do you want your government facility to stay cutting edge well into the future? Contact Level 3 AV today and let us show you how.

Digital Signage

Communication on digital signage is becoming common place for most government facilities. Not only does digital signage save money from traditional print, but it’s ability to stream information instantaneous over large networks makes it highly sought after for Government facilities.

Tying in digital signage with distributed audio also adds the ability to give audible directions while giving visual queue’s to visitors. Making it the perfect solution for guiding people in emergencies.

Digital signage can be useful in government facilities for things like self-serve kiosks, wait time queuing management, promotions, local news and ticker feeds.

Level 3 Audiovisual has the expertise to integrate digital signage into any government facility so your visitors can find things easier, be made aware of any emergencies and even relax and watch some tv while waiting in line.

Looking for the perfect digital signage solution for your government project? Call Level 3 AV today and find out how to get started.

Distributed Audio

Having the power to take any device, in any room, and send it through speakers in that room takes some AV wizardry most don’t have. Tie that in with a simple to use touchscreen interface and you might as well call us the wizard behind the curtain.

But we are not wizards. Just engineers, programmers and integrators with a passion for making distributed audio for governments work great, the first time.

Whether you need audio control from a central command center or you want to bring your own device (BYOD) into each room, Level 3 Audiovisual can integrate these into easy to use interfaces.

Distributed audio in government facilities has also taken on the role of noise cancelling. Using white noise at low volumes, distributed audio can help alleviate coworkers from eaves dropping on other conversations. White noise at low levels has also shown to increase focus and performance from employees.

Take your government facility to the next level with a distributed audio system built and integrated from the experts at Level 3 AV. Call us today to find out more.

Lighting Control

Custom lighting control systems are becoming an increasingly popular way for government facilities to reduce costs, increase energy-efficiency, earn LEED credits and set an example in sustainability.

Level 3 Audiovisual has extensive knowledge integrating lighting controllers for a myriad of applications.

With our team of engineers and custom programmers, Level 3 AV has the ability to drastically reduce your carbon footprint while still maintaining that proper lighting is available for every room applicable, making building automation a breeze.

If you need custom lighting controls for a government building that go above and beyond your expectations contact Level 3 AV today.

Network Operations Centers

Mission critical scenarios inside government network operations centers demand an AV system that won’t fail.

NOC’s in government facilities are the central hub of incoming and outgoing communications. Integrating all of the AV technologies inside a complicated system like a NOC can be troubling for most AV companies, but not Level 3 Audiovisual.

Level 3 AV understands the technological demands that modern day NOC’s need. With in-house engineers and designers Level 3 AV has the expertise to make sure the AV integration in your NOC goes smoothly and remains in budget and on time.

With in-house pre-staging and testing using AV9000 guidelines. Level 3 AV can eliminate most if not all equipment problems before the on-site installation takes place.

Want to experience our customer focused integration experience? Contact us today to find out more.

Training Rooms

Whether it’s a presentation or a group collaboration, government training rooms have evolved to create interactive and in-depth training through advanced AV integration solutions.

Designing and integrating for today’s modern training room takes forethought and planning. Making sure each participant has an unobstructed view of the content by utilizing large LCD screens, interactive boards, in desk monitors or projectors can keep the class engaging and participants sharing content across the room.

Group collaboration is spurred by the ability for remote annotation. Using the newest interactive white boards you can have up to 4 users making notes at the same time. This makes it great for modern day government scenario meetings where multiple peoples input is crucial to mission critical situations.

Level 3 Audiovisual has the expert, award winning team to tackle any government training room project from start to finish. Call us today to learn more.

Video Conferencing

Being able to hold large video conferencing calls over secured networks is becoming an increasing need for government facilities who want to stay cutting edge.

Video communication and conferencing has come so far in recent years, you now have the ability to share multiple screens, annotate, share files and even send invites through outlook or connect with any device.

Level 3 Audiovisual uses Vidyo as our back end video conferencing solution which means you get high definition video that is throttled to your particular connection. What that means is the quality will change on the fly per your up and down internet speeds. This makes our video conferencing solution perfect for people on the move calling in from cell phones, tablets or laptops.

Partnering with Level 3 AV means you get unparalleled support from our award winning staff that is dedicated to your integration and end use. Call us today!

Video Walls

State and federal government facilities as well as the military, consistently rely on video walls for a plethora of applications ranging from control rooms to digital signage to presentation systems.

Utilizing video walls inside of control rooms or battle stations gives the ability to monitor many different streams of mission critical data, making split second decisions that much easier. At Level 3 Audiovisual, we understand the complexity and security of integrations for any modern day control room.

With proven results integrating multi-panel LCD and LED video walls into digital signage and presentation environments for government buildings. Level 3 AV can blend video wall technology into virtually any space with our on staff design team.

The ability to stream information to virtually any video wall space from a remote location is becoming of great interest to State and Federal agencies. Most are looking to use digital signage for emergency response and preparedness. Level 3 AV understands the need for streaming, encoding, security and reliability in such integrations.

Contacting Level 3 AV today can get you started on your next video wall project tomorrow, give our business development team a call – 1-877-777-5328!