To accent the pedestrian viewed window in Manhattan, the New York Institute of Technology was in desperate need of a new digital strategy. The request was to interact with their students, while attaining the outsider’s attention. Our team at Level 3 Audiovisual, satisfied all of their needs, with one solution. A Planar 4x4 Interactive Video Wall with 46” LCD Displays and 3.7mm Bezels. This wall has a 6 point touch capability across the entire wall. It can present one big picture, scaled across all displays, or 12 separate images. To reduce budgets and installation time, we followed a strict AV9000 staging process before we installed the Video Wall in Manhattan.


The video wall processor, installed by our video wall team included the Planar VCSS processor, which can accept up to 12 digital sources. The VCS will allow for an extreme amount of video scaling to effectively create a video wall of roughly any configuration and combination of the provided sources. A rack mounted slide out monitors and keyboard/mouse with 8 pork KVM switch is connected directly to the VCS to provide access to the internal VCS software. This is where the complex, scaled video wall configurations are controlled. One output of the VCS is dedicated to a 4k display for monitoring the video wall as a whole. Other parts of this install include:

  • Extron XTP Cross Point
  • 2 Planar 28” 4K Monitors
  • Chief Small Thinstall Mount
  • Mersive Solstice Pod
  • Biamp Tesira Forte
  • 1 Fostex Powered Monitor Speaker
  • Extron ICPC Pro

New York Institute was very pleased with the outcome, and it continues to be a great asset to them years later.

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