Mayo Clinic Medical School

A Medical School AV Integration Case Study

Located in Scottsdale, Arizona the Mayo Clinic Medical School was in need of a complete AV integration. The integration that was needed included a twelve-station gross anatomy lab and a fourteen station active learning center that required a special solution built to accommodate up to 200 teachers a year while maintaining an easy to use user interface as well as accommodating the high level of standards at the Mayo Clinic. The six exams, one control, and one debriefing area in the schools simulation center needed a fully integrated system using B-line’s simulation software. Our team at Level 3 Audiovisual was more than up to take on the challenge.

The gross anatomy lab consists of 14 displays with tt100 Crestron controls that allow the students to toggle between local sources, like a small form factor PC at each station or access the AirMedia in the room for collaboration. We created custom coded the tt100’s and mounted them sideways so that Mayo Clinic didn’t have to upgrade their DM from 32×32 to 64×64 because of our custom solution, it saved mayo over $60k on the project.

The campus flows with touch panels that include student mode and instructor mode so the Mayo Clinic students can come in after hours and the instructors can have full control over the lab space. Students at each workstation have control but the teacher can override at any time to step in and assist. Our in-house programmer took special care to listen to the needs of the Mayo Clinic and provided a custom user interface solution that they now use across the panels throughout the entire campus.

Inside the active learning center there are 14 wireless workstations that are connected to displays throughout the center so that the students can collaborate and share on the displays. The teacher has the capability to share content on any student’s workstation display as well. The active learning center is fully equipped with two Sony PTZ camera’s and two 90 inch Sharp displays; allowing video conferencing to a large group of students in the room. The room is fully outfitted with JBL speakers and AudioTechnica hanging condenser microphones to capture truly crystal clear audio.

Each simulation room consists of 3 Panasonic PTZs cameras and AKG microphones allowing the director in the control room to see, hear and record each student as they work on simulated patients. Each of the 7 stations in the control room have Voice of God microphones, Sennheiser’s Headphones, and the ability to zoom in and out and move around the room with the PTZ cameras capturing the simulation training from multiple angles. The rack in the control room houses; Extron matrix switcher, two Biamps, B-Line server devices, KVM devices that work right on the rack. The debriefing room consists of a 60” display with an independent PC and a Crestron Cubby for connecting to the display allows the teacher to review each simulation scenario with the students.

The campus provides ten study rooms for the medical students. Nine of them are equipped with Cisco sx10’s video conferencing abilities and one has a mx300 Cisco. LG65” displays allow for video conferencing. 5” Crestron panels for controlling the AirMedia, the display, video conferencing and the local PC installed in each room, along with ceiling microphones for video conferencing.

The boardroom has a Clear One DSP for audio calls.

The recreation room is meant for students to unwind and relax. Although we wish we could take credit for the ping-pong table we only installed the displays, Crestron touch panels and wall plates for students to input different devices such as laptops, Xboxes and the like. Three 65” 4k smart LED displays so students can wirelessly connect to them.

The lecture hall has two dual 90” displays setup for video, audio conferencing and audience response system. Qomo was the manufacturer used for the audio response.

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