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The Qualiverse - Signal to Noise Demystified, or rather, De-Hiss-tified The Qualiverse - Signal to Noise Demystified, or rather, De-Hiss-tified

Is there anything more annoying than listening to a wonderful podcast with great audio where the talent sounds crisp and clear, only to be interrupted by some low-budget advertisement where the hiss in the recording is nearly as loud as the speech? I’m all for supporting artists, but if you’re going to interrupt my show, the LEAST you can do is pay attention to the audio quality of the content. I know I sound like a grumpy old man, “Back in my day, advertisements were recorded in a professional broadcast or recording studio where they knew a thing or two about signal to noise.” The point is, that hiss that creeps up every now and again is representative of an audio system that is not meeting user expectations. If users can hear that hiss, something is not right in the gain structure of the system. The system signal (the sounds we want) are not playing at levels far enough away from the system noise (the sounds we don’t want). This difference is called a signal to noise ratio, and it’s what we’ll be discussing today.

The Qualiverse - Intelligibility The Qualiverse - Intelligibility

I have been accused of “not listening” to my wife many times in the past. I should preface this by saying that I love my wife dearly, and on date nights or after the kids go to sleep, I am very attentive. However, there are times during the weekends where I am upstairs listening to a podcast, the kids are fighting about what to have for lunch, there is background music playing downstairs, and my wife picks THAT time to ask me, from all the way downstairs and at a whisper (probably), to take the trash out.

Fast forward an hour: the trash had not been taken out.

My wife argues that I wasn’t listening. I argue that her public address system did not have adequate intelligibility. That didn’t go over well, but the science was on my side!

The Qualiverse - Determining Display Size The Qualiverse - Determining Display Size

How big should your display be? This is a seemingly simple question, but answering it gets difficult, quickly. We used to base the answer simply on task level and furthest viewer in the room. Then we based the answer on how large text would be on the screen. Most recently, we base it on how large the “elements” we need to perceive are relative to the screen size. I think all these different methods have their benefits and shortcomings. However, in the end, it comes down to the users’ needs. Let’s explore these different methods and perhaps come up with a new take to best meet our needs.


Why is being disciplined so difficult? The results of discipline are amazing. It feels great after you apply discipline, you feel like you accomplished something. It literally makes you a better person. So why are our brains wired to make it hard? I am sure evolutionarily speaking, there is some reason behind it. Lounging certainly allows you to conserve calories and stay alive longer when food is scarce. Adrenaline will get us going when it is absolutely required but being at a heightened state of activity is not sustainable for too long. And binge-watching Real Housewives of New Jersey is just so dang appealing! The draw to being undisciplined is always present.

The Qualiverse - Cost of Quality The Qualiverse - Cost of Quality

Could you imagine blindly following a recipe in the kitchen without checking or tasting your food along the way? I remember my friend had a recipe for a Penne Alla Vodka dinner-for-four once called for five HEADS of garlic to go in the sauce! Not five cloves... five heads. We were in college, and he was a beginner cook, he didn’t think twice about it and chopped up an obscene amount of garlic (and I’m Italian) added it to the sauce, cooked it up, and served it without tasting it. We literally thought something was burning. It was the garlic. The entire pasta dish had to get thrown out...all that food...all that garlic...wasted. The dinner was ruined. We still had some salad, but there was no main course.

The Qualiverse - What's with the checklists? The Qualiverse - What's with the checklists?

I love checklists. They are some of my favorite things. In fact, I start each day with a prioritized daily task list (which is basically a checklist of things I need to get done that day). When I take the scouts camping, I use a checklist to make sure I have everything I need. When I go to Costco? You guessed it. Checklists. When I get up to leave at a restaurant, mental checklist: wallet, phone, keys...good to go. When I want to make sure I delivered a quality AV system? Checklists out the wazoo! They make life so easy. Not only that, they make it possible to consistently deliver on experience.

The Qualiverse: Welcome to the Qualiverse The Qualiverse: Welcome to the Qualiverse

Hello, friends! Welcome to the Qualiverse where we talk about all things quality, especially as they pertain to AV. My name is Jim Maltese and I have spent most of my career bringing quality to the AV industry, either as a system commissioner or instructor for InfoComm/AVIXA and AQAV or as VP of Quality Standards at Level 3 Audiovisual.

New Partnership Brings Level 3 AV to the New York Market New Partnership Brings Level 3 AV to the New York Market

Level 3 AV Now Offers Standardized AV Integrations in New York Market

Combining AV integration with AV system commissioning is as brilliant as combining peanut butter with jelly, and Level 3 Audiovisual can now provide this winning recipe to AV clients in the New York market. By acquiring Mineola, NY-based Audio Visual Resources (AVR), Level 3 AV is positioned to deliver high-quality design and integration of AV and IT systems that meet rigorous industry standards. Keep reading to learn more about this perfect partnership and what it could mean for your AV integration projects.

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