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What You’ll Learn at The Level 3 AV Simulation Boot Camp and Why You Need It

Are You a Simulation Technician? This Training Is for You

Your organization might be ready to shell out the money for a new or expanded healthcare simulation lab, but are you, the simulation technician, fully prepared to operate and manage it? Don’t fret if the answer is no, or maybe, or I don’t know. Level 3 Audiovisual's Simulation Boot Camp will teach you everything you need to know to succeed in your sim tech role, as well as help your organization’s simulation program succeed.

What Simulation Technicians Can Expect from Level 3’s Boot Camp

The Foundation of a Career in Healthcare Simulation

Whether you’re building a new simulation lab or expanding an existing one, you need the right people and tools to succeed. And those people and tools should follow well-defined standards that support the goals and objectives of your healthcare simulation program. Courses will cover information like:
  • Simulation healthcare basics. Learn various job descriptions for roles like simulation technician and operations specialist. Also, discover what is required to operate and run a successful simulation lab.
  • Technologies in simulation. Learn the roles mannequins, virtual reality, Pulse IDM, and other modern technologies play in healthcare simulation.
  • Principles and standardization's. Learn about AV9000 quality management, as well as how to design an educational matrix.

Hands-On Experience with Tools and Tech

To be the best simulation technician, you need to know how to choose and properly use simulation equipment. Boot Camp classes that prepare you for everyday lab maintenance and repair include:
  • CAT6 and SLR Termination. Learn about the three different types of network cable termination and get hands-on practice with each.
  • Pneumatics Refresh. Learn how pneumatics—which produce realistic movements for your simulated scenarios—work in each manufacturer’s mannequin, and how to troubleshoot issues.
  • Soldering Refresh and Project. Review the basic process for high-quality soldering and get hands-on experience reconnecting soldered components, repairing broken circuits, and implementing other soldering basics. As a bonus, you get a soldering kit and finished project to take home.

Look into the Future of Your Simulation Lab

Simulation labs are always changing, thanks to improving standards and new technologies. Learn about how simulation is evolving as well as how to choose new equipment and what to look for in a simulation AV partner. You'll also get details about how the RFP (request for proposal) process works when funding requires justification of expenditures. One of the best resources you have when improving your lab and your career is others who are experienced in simulation. One interesting course, Tips and Tricks for Sim Lab Operations, will be an open discussion where you can share challenges, ideas, and solutions to problems you’ve encountered in your simulation labs.

Next Steps

Did we mention that you get all these classes (and more), plus lodging and food for just $3,000? Don’t let the best deal in healthcare simulation training pass you by—register for the Level 3 Audiovisual Simulation Boot Camp today. We look forward to seeing you!
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