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3 Ways to Use LCD Video Walls To Inform, Engage, and Collaborate

3 Ways to Use LCD Video Walls To Inform, Engage, and Collaborate


No doubt you may have seen a video wall somewhere. Perhaps in a sports bar, where a big game is matrixed on a wall composed of multiple display screens. While that is an excellent use – more on that later – video walls are useful in many scenarios.

If you think that video walls are expensive, there certainly are over-the-top implementations that can be so. However, with the current cost of displays, control technology, and software, it's not difficult to build a cost-effective solution that generates a ROI.

Let’s explore three ways to use LCD video walls in various applications from simple to more elaborate. Hopefully, we'll spark some ideas that you can build upon for your Tempe, AZ, organization.

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Video Conferencing and Collaboration

Given the consequences of the current pandemic, the use of video conferencing and collaboration is at an all-time high. The reality is that video conferencing is here to stay and will continue to offer an excellent way for teams to work together without the expense and time incurred in traveling for face-to-face meetings. When thinking about collaboration, don't stop at one screen in your meeting spaces. A multi-screen wall can display more information and let everyone see all participants. Your collaboration video wall can use one or two screens for information sharing, and other monitors for live video views of participants, be they in a meeting room or remote. If you run large "all-hands" meetings, a video-wall equipped large room will give you many more options to inform and engage your staff.

Retail and Restaurants

Video walls in consumer environments are powerful engagement tools. In retail, virtual digital signage can create appealing ads to promote a sale, a new product, the looks of the season, or just about anything. The ability to use animation, video, and sound far surpasses what you can do with non-digital formats. And video walls let you build out-of-the-box shapes — instead of the rectangle that a single display offers — and vastly increase the size of the message. In restaurants, smaller-scale video walls can work well. For entertainment, the big game on one large wall or a multichannel approach with more variety can entertain patrons at the bar, a covered patio, or tables. A small video wall at the entrance can display information about table wait times, take out order readiness, and specials of the day. You're only limited by your imagination in how to use a video wall.

Building Lobbies

What’s in your building lobby? Are you using that real estate wisely? Lobbies are often waiting areas, or at the very least are high-traffic areas where visitors must travel through. Lobbies offer many opportunities to inform, educate, and entertain. A video wall might tell a multimedia history of your company, or show off the latest products. In a multi-tenant building, it might show the directory for the building as well as wayfinding guides to find destinations within. If the building houses financial firms, the video wall can feature a stock and commodities ticker and a feed to CNBC or Bloomberg News. How about never-ending artwork? With the right video wall displays, you can enhance your public spaces with giant, beautiful digital art that everyone can notice and enjoy.

Next Steps

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