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How Zoom Rooms Solve The 3 Most Common Meeting Pain Points

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Don’t let completely solvable problems derail a collaborative meeting before it even begins At Level 3 Audiovisual, we’re hereby nominating Zoom as the Time Person of the Year 2020. The video conferencing platform rose to dizzying popularity this year as unexpected circumstances forced people to meet less in person and more online. And nipping at…

Why Video Collaboration Is the Tool Your Modern Workplace Needs

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3 Workstyle Trends and Why Video Collaboration Is the Best Fit for All of Them While video is a medium that older generations are still getting used to—as anyone who has FaceTimed with their parents’ or grandparents’ foreheads can attest—for the generations currently entering the workforce, video chatting and collaborating is second nature. Millennials and…

5 AV Capabilities Every Government Entity Should Update Now

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Deliver Better Experiences with Updated Government AV Technology The old adage “Close enough for government work” is a cheeky way to justify results that almost hit the mark. But when it comes to audiovisual technology solutions, many government agencies don’t come close to having the capabilities they need. That can end up costing governments—and citizens—a…

Video Conferencing Can Fill the Gaps in Your Workflows

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Video Conferencing Can Fill the Gaps in Your Workflows Today’s companies are all about the flow of information from colleague to colleague and team to team. So when work at your organization gets stuck, lost, or forgotten, where does it usually come to a grinding halt? In email? On team collaboration boards? During meetings? If…

How to Make the Case for Better Video Conferencing

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How to Make the Case for Better Video Conferencing Is video conferencing at your organization up in the air and all over the place? Maybe some employees love to hop on impromptu video calls with just about anyone from anywhere—even when they’re just down the hall. On the other hand, some resist turning on the…


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