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5 Healthcare Simulation Challenges and How to Conquer Them

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There are plenty of good things about getting bigger and stronger but—whether it’s a person, a company or an industry—it can come with growing pains, and healthcare simulation is no exception. As the industry expands and the technology gets more advanced, there are both opportunities to take advantage of and pitfalls to watch out for.…

4 Things Every Sim Tech Should Know

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4 Things Every Sim Tech Should Know Does your list of responsibilities seem to grow every day? Every organization’s simulation program is a little different and without an industry-wide standard for the role of simulation technician or operations manager, deciding what knowledge, skills, and abilities are most important can be a little daunting. The simulation…

What You’ll Learn at The Level 3 AV Simulation Boot Camp and Why You Need It

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Are You a Simulation Technician? This Training Is for You Your organization might be ready to shell out the money for a new or expanded healthcare simulation lab, but are you, the simulation technician, fully prepared to operate and manage it? Don’t fret if the answer is no, or maybe, or I don’t know. Level…

5 Reasons Your Boss Should Send You to Simulation Boot Camp

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Want to Up Your Simulation Game? Boot Camp Can Help As a simulation technician or operations specialist, you know how valuable training can be in helping you better manage and operate your organization’s simulation center. You may also know that Level 3 Audiovisual’s three-day, all-inclusive simulation boot Camp is the best place to get that…

3 Budget Hacks for Your High-Fidelity Healthcare Simulation System

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Simulation Environments for Less If you’ve ever seen a holiday blockbuster film then you’ve probably been transported to a faraway place—a planet at the outer reaches of a futuristic solar system, backstage at a rock concert, or the front lines of World War II—maybe without even realizing it was happening. Healthcare simulation labs require a…

Is It Time to Upgrade Your Simulation Technology?

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Is It Time to Upgrade Your Simulation Technology? Just as medicine continues to advance, healthcare simulation—and the standards that govern it—are also evolving. It’s important that healthcare organizations keep up, but how do you know when and what parts of your simulation technology should be upgraded? How to Tell It’s Time for Something New Before…

3 Ways to Increase Faculty Buy-In for Simulation

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3 Ways to Increase Faculty Buy-In for Simulation Imagine someone sitting you down in the cockpit of an airplane and telling you to figure out how to fly it. Seems ridiculous, right? The technology is so daunting and complex, anyone who isn’t a trained pilot would need a lot of help to figure it out.…


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