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Advance Your Sim Tech Career With In-Depth Simulation Training

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Level 3 Audiovisual hosts several trainings, simulation conferences and webinars for simulation professionals worldwide If you’re a new or current simulation technician, ongoing education is crucial to advance your career and operate a fully functioning healthcare simulation lab. Level 3 Audiovisual is here to help. As a worldwide leader in simulation lab design, installation, integration…

Are You CTS Certified? Here’s Why You Should Be.

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This Certification Can Be a Career Boost for Sim Techs As a healthcare simulation professional, your focus is providing training opportunities for healthcare students and professionals that will ultimately help them improve patient outcomes, and that takes a lot of different types of equipment. There are healthcare technologies such as manikins and vital sign monitors.…

Missed the Simulation Operations Boot Camp? Here are the Highlights

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As the healthcare simulation industry gets bigger, it also gets more competitive. Simulation programs are growing, simulation technology is evolving, and anyone interested in a career in healthcare simulation needs to stay ahead of it all. To give current and future simulation technicians and operations specialists a leg up on their competition, Level 3 Audiovisual…

5 Reasons Your Boss Should Send You to Simulation Boot Camp

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Want to Up Your Simulation Game? Boot Camp Can Help As a simulation technician or operations specialist, you know how valuable training can be in helping you better manage and operate your organization’s simulation center. You may also know that Level 3 Audiovisual’s three-day, all-inclusive simulation boot Camp is the best place to get that…

Why Debriefing Is Critical to Simulation Training Success

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Debriefing Improves Simulation Education—Here’s How Have you ever watched a video of yourself and wondered why in the world you were talking so loudly, playing with your hair, or doing something else that you weren’t aware of at the time? Video can reveal a lot of details that get overlooked in the moment. Simulation training…

6 Ways to Lessen Distractions in the Control Room

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Organized Control Rooms We invite you to read Lessening Distractions in the Control Room before you begin reading this section. It is an introduction to the challenge for the simulationist in regard to cognitive load. This article begins a discussion on the types of technologies that will help address these challenges.  Lessening Distractions in the…


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