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What Components Do You Need for a High Fidelity Medical Simulation?

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High fidelity simulation centers use a combination of hardware and software to reproduce realistic medical training scenarios Medical simulation is the new way for educators to perform training in situational environments without impacting real patients’ lives or placing students in circumstances they may not be prepared for yet. In simulation scenarios, medical students can practice…

Get Your Sim Center AV off Life Support with Proper Training

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Everything You Need to Know about AV Standards for Healthcare Simulation Every part of healthcare training and delivery has its own tools of the trade. A doctor has to know their way around a stethoscope and blood pressure cuff. And as a simulation technician, you need to know how to operate all the tools in…

Getting Ready to Choose New Sim Lab Equipment? Read This First.

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Overwhelmed by a Sim Lab Tech Upgrade? Here’s Everything You Need to Know Are you a simulation technician tasked with choosing new technology for your simulation lab? And are you feeling overwhelmed by the task? Don’t panic. Choosing the best equipment for your sim lab—and getting it for the best price—can be as simple as…

How to Take the Chaos out of Your Sim Center Control Room

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Need to Reduce Distractions in Your Simulation Center? Healthcare simulations are designed to prepare students for high-stakes medical situations. That means that while simulation exercises take place in a safe and controlled environment, they also need to replicate the chaos and urgency of a true medical emergency. When a “patient” codes or a barrage of…

7 Reasons to Standardize Your Simulation Technology

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7 Reasons to Standardize Your Simulation Technology Simulation technology has become an integral part of the training and education. For industries like medicine and emergency response, where the stakes are high, errors can be costly not only financially but in patient outcomes. Simulation technologies can be a significant investment, but standardizing these solutions can make…

4 Ways Simulation Technicians Add Value To Your Organization

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Simulation Technicians Improve Education – Here’s How In a real life medical emergency, wasting time becomes a matter of life and death. In a simulated medical emergency an actual life isn’t on the line but wasted time can still be damaging. If an educator has to spend time on setting up the system, troubleshooting the…


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