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Quarterly Simulation Skills Camp Focuses on Advanced Debriefing

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Simulation Skills Camp Emphasizes the Importance of Debriefing The team of simulation experts at Level 3 Audiovisual come from different backgrounds but share a common goal: to provide the simulation industry with a standardized level of education and training. To achieve this goal, Level 3 hosts and sponsors various education and training events throughout the…

5 Healthcare Simulation Challenges and How to Conquer Them

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There are plenty of good things about getting bigger and stronger but—whether it’s a person, a company or an industry—it can come with growing pains, and healthcare simulation is no exception. As the industry expands and the technology gets more advanced, there are both opportunities to take advantage of and pitfalls to watch out for.…

What You’ll Learn at The Level 3 AV Simulation Boot Camp and Why You Need It

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Are You a Simulation Technician? This Training Is for You Your organization might be ready to shell out the money for a new or expanded healthcare simulation lab, but are you, the simulation technician, fully prepared to operate and manage it? Don’t fret if the answer is no, or maybe, or I don’t know. Level…

5 Reasons Your Boss Should Send You to Simulation Boot Camp

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Want to Up Your Simulation Game? Boot Camp Can Help As a simulation technician or operations specialist, you know how valuable training can be in helping you better manage and operate your organization’s simulation center. You may also know that Level 3 Audiovisual’s three-day, all-inclusive simulation boot Camp is the best place to get that…

4 Ways Simulation Technicians Add Value To Your Organization

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Simulation Technicians Improve Education – Here’s How In a real life medical emergency, wasting time becomes a matter of life and death. In a simulated medical emergency an actual life isn’t on the line but wasted time can still be damaging. If an educator has to spend time on setting up the system, troubleshooting the…