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When Is It Time for Your Organization to Upgrade Audiovisual Equipment in Meeting Spaces?

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Modern, high-quality AV equipment and systems foster better communications, collaboration and productivity in the workplace The workplace as we know it has changed drastically since the beginning of 2020. Through the end of this year, and moving forward into 2021, we expect to see organizations embracing more remote work and relying heavily on AV systems…

Here Are the Top 5 Trends for Conference Rooms in 2020

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Everything You Need to Know about Conference Rooms in 2020 As a new year looms, there is no shortage of predictions about the next big thing across every industry. Some, like bell bottoms making a comeback, won’t really matter either way. Others, like what new audiovisual technologies will drive innovation and collaboration, are predictions that…

Why Video Collaboration Is the Tool Your Modern Workplace Needs

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3 Workstyle Trends and Why Video Collaboration Is the Best Fit for All of Them While video is a medium that older generations are still getting used to—as anyone who has FaceTimed with their parents’ or grandparents’ foreheads can attest—for the generations currently entering the workforce, video chatting and collaborating is second nature. Millennials and…

Modern Work Styles Have Changed. Can Your Spaces Keep Up?

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Conference Rooms Are Out.  Huddle Spaces Are In.  Here’s Why A lot has changed in the workplace since the days your grandpa or dad put on a tie, suit coat and hat and headed out the door to the office day after day. Every day is casual Friday and employees are just as likely to…

Video Conferencing Can Fill the Gaps in Your Workflows

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Video Conferencing Can Fill the Gaps in Your Workflows Today’s companies are all about the flow of information from colleague to colleague and team to team. So when work at your organization gets stuck, lost, or forgotten, where does it usually come to a grinding halt? In email? On team collaboration boards? During meetings? If…

How to Make the Case for Better Video Conferencing

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How to Make the Case for Better Video Conferencing Is video conferencing at your organization up in the air and all over the place? Maybe some employees love to hop on impromptu video calls with just about anyone from anywhere—even when they’re just down the hall. On the other hand, some resist turning on the…

5 Crestron Huddle Room Solutions You Need

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5 Crestron Huddle Room Solutions You Need These days huddle rooms are the rule rather than the exception, and for good reason. Huddle rooms help mitigate one of the main downsides of open floor plans—noise and distractions—so employees can focus on productive collaboration. Huddle rooms also provide flexibility and are often a more practical use…


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