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How to Improve Patient Outcomes by Improving Teamwork

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Good Patient Outcomes Depend on Effective Teamwork The goal of every healthcare professional, from doctors and nurses to EMTs to pharmacists is the same: to provide positive outcomes for their patients. That goal, however, is not always easy to achieve. According to statistics reported by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), around 400,000 hospitalized patients…

4 Things Every Sim Tech Should Know

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4 Things Every Sim Tech Should Know Does your list of responsibilities seem to grow every day? Every organization’s simulation program is a little different and without an industry-wide standard for the role of simulation technician or operations manager, deciding what knowledge, skills, and abilities are most important can be a little daunting. The simulation…

What You’ll Learn at The Level 3 AV Simulation Boot Camp and Why You Need It

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Are You a Simulation Technician? This Training Is for You Your organization might be ready to shell out the money for a new or expanded healthcare simulation lab, but are you, the simulation technician, fully prepared to operate and manage it? Don’t fret if the answer is no, or maybe, or I don’t know. Level…

Why Simulation Managers Want Educator Standards

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Why Simulation Managers Want Educator Standards Treating a gasping patient who’s reported severe shortness of breath or a postpartum mother who’s hemorrhaging can overwhelm a nursing student. Fortunately, simulated scenarios take the risk out of practicing in such emergencies. Unfortunately, not all nurse educators are trained to plan and implement these simulations to the same…

Simulation Provides Low-Cost, Low-Risk Nurse Training

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Simulation Provides Low-Cost, Low-Risk Nurse Training Nurses are known for how busy they are since patient needs often can’t wait. And the nursing shortage means they need to focus on real patient care without the added responsibility of training students. In fact, a shortage of instructors is a big factor in why nursing schools turned…