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3 Best Practices for Designing LED Video Wall Content

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Keep These Ideas in Mind When Creating Your Video Wall Video walls, in many use cases, are no more than a giant digital signage solution. But the large canvas it provides also makes for more complexity. Multiple screens are involved, specialized mounting is typically needed, and ultimately, content is king to use the large signage…

What You Need to Know about Outdoor LED Video Walls

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Here are 4 Top Considerations for your Video Wall Project Video walls are a popular way to convey information, tell a story, and engage an audience with a multimedia presentation. Not only can they be used indoors in office lobbies, retail stores, or large meeting spaces, but they can also go outdoors on an even…

What Top Features Should You Look for in an LCD Video Wall?

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Look for These Capabilities for Top-Tier Video Wall Performance Video wall technology has become increasingly popular – and even essential – for a wide variety of applications. With today’s information sources converging onto digital multimedia formats, video walls present large canvasses and opportunities to tell a story, present information, educate, facilitate collaboration, engage customers, and…

3 Ways to Use LCD Video Walls To Inform, Engage, and Collaborate

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Video Walls Aren’t Just for Show No doubt you may have seen a video wall somewhere. Perhaps in a sports bar, where a big game is matrixed on a wall composed of multiple display screens. While that is an excellent use – more on that later – video walls are useful in many scenarios. If…

Why Your Company Should Hire A Low-Voltage Expert for Your Buildout

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The Right Cabling Makes It Easy to Add AV, Security, and Automation What’s so important about low-voltage cabling and wiring? Low-voltage wiring links together vital parts of your location’s infrastructure – like security, audiovisual equipment, and networking. Doing it right during your buildout is critical to enable the technology you need and want without spending…

4 Things to Know Before You Buy A Video Wall

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4 Things to Know Before You Buy A Video Wall Once confined to company lobbies, secretive government command centers and science fiction movies, video walls are becoming increasingly commonplace across multiple industries including retail, higher education and utility and traffic monitoring applications. And that’s just the beginning. According to a recent industry forecast, the global…

Making the Switch from Print to Digital Signage

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Making the Switch from Print to Digital Signage The way retailers communicate is changing. Print ads are no longer the flashy, new guy in town. In fact, making the switch from print to digital signage is increasing everyday as more and more companies realize the power and impact HD digital signage has on their branding…

Digital Signage for Advertising is HOT!

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Digital Signage for Advertising is HOT! The new primetime for advertising means constantly being able to reach your desired audience during their daily commute, in their office building, at the gym and at the bar – all while complementing other media channels. It also means accepting nothing less than ease, performance and accountability from digital…


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