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3 Ways to Upgrade the Audio-Visual Systems in Your Meeting Spaces

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Improve Communication and Collaboration with Better Visuals and Sound Do you remember Verizon’s popular commercial series with the slogan “Can you hear me now?” This is one phrase you don’t want to hear if you are on an audio or video conferencing call in your meeting room. Even if you only lose a few minutes…

How to Modernize Your Commercial Buildings for the New Future of Work with Automation

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Build Smarter Properties with Integrated Audio-Visual Solutions The current pandemic has had many profound effects, but some of the longer-term ones will become more evident over the next few years. While it’s been an ongoing trend over the last two decades, electronic communication will replace more business travel and face-to-face meetings. While that doesn’t mean…

How To Leverage Video Wall Displays for Retail Applications

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Make Brick and Mortar Retail an Experience with Interactivity and Engagement It’s no secret that retail sales at brick and mortar stores are losing ground every year to online shopping. With the ongoing pandemic, brick and mortar retail is hurting even more and may experience more fallout. Is physical retail dying? No, but just as…

4 Ways To Use Video Walls for Education and Engagement

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Video Walls Are Versatile Tools for Communication and Interaction Video walls have become increasingly popular for combining different types of information onto a large canvas in exciting and engaging ways. With flat-panel LED displays and the controller technology becoming increasingly affordable, it’s possible for almost any organization across Arizona to take advantage of the multimedia…

How Video LED Walls Can be Used for Security Monitoring

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Explore Ways Video Walls Help You Keep an Eye on Mission Critical Operations Video walls are a coordinated set of displays used for specific applications. Given that security monitoring in a commercial or operations environment typically involves multiple feeds, security and surveillance is an excellent application for LED video walls. One reason why is that…


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