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Should You Use Sound Masking in Your AV Installation?

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Consider It the Noise Cancelation Headphones for Your Offices  Do you remember the movie “Wall Street?” The first one, of course, from 1987. You might recall the noisy bullpen scene with the frenzy of stockbrokers cold calling for clients. Who wants to work in that noisy environment?  As it turns out – this pandemic notwithstanding…

What Is Lighting Control and Why Do You Need It?

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Remember when your parents used to yell at you to stop wasting energy and turn the lights off, for crying out loud? Well, they might have been on to something. In commercial buildings, lighting alone accounts for 38 percent of total electricity usage—more than any other building system. That means lighting accounts for a large…

Thunderbird School of Global Management

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A Higher Education Audio Visual Case Study System Designed by James Chalifoux – Owner of Digital Media Design, LLC Project Overview Thunderbird School of Global Management, a unit of the ASU Knowledge Enterprise plans to relocate the campus from 1 Global Place Glendale, AZ to the Arizona Center office building located in downtown Phoenix at…

A Crestron and Zoom Partner for a New Meeting Room Solution

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A Crestron and Zoom Partner for a New Meeting Room Solution There are plenty of times when less is more, including when you are making decisions about your conference room technology. The best meeting room technology is a simple, one-stop, unified solution. But many conference rooms today are cluttered with technologies, including conference phones, USB…