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Should You Use Sound Masking in Your AV Installation?

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Consider It the Noise Cancelation Headphones for Your Offices  Do you remember the movie “Wall Street?” The first one, of course, from 1987. You might recall the noisy bullpen scene with the frenzy of stockbrokers cold calling for clients. Who wants to work in that noisy environment?  As it turns out – this pandemic notwithstanding…

3 AV Questions Every Sim Tech Should Ask

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Why Every Simulation Center Needs an AV Take a look at the job description for a simulation technician and your head might start to spin. From programming vital signs to setting up scenarios to managing inventory to applying moulage, there are lots of skills sim techs need. But understanding how to operate and troubleshoot the…

How to Design a Training Room That Delivers Results

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Designing a Training Room? Here’s the AV You Need Your corporate training team has spent weeks preparing for a company-wide training event. The invitations have gone out, the presenters have been confirmed, the PowerPoint slides are ready to go. But is your training room equipped to handle what’s coming? If participants have to wait for…

AV Technology Warranty and Maintenance 101

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AV Technology Warranty and Maintenance 101 If your presentation system stops working four days before an in-house conference, you likely have better ways to spend your time than digging up warranty information and troubleshooting the source of the problem. Researching technology investments can be a hassle, but managing and maintaining them for years can be…

Navigating AV Systems in Healthcare Simulation

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“How much training do I need to operate the AV system?” This is the first question I asked myself when starting at a healthcare simulation center. From working with patient simulator’s and skill trainers to programming vital signs and scenario’s, healthcare simulation can have a big learning curve for those just starting out in this…


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