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Get Your Sim Center AV off Life Support with Proper Training

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Everything You Need to Know about AV Standards for Healthcare Simulation Every part of healthcare training and delivery has its own tools of the trade. A doctor has to know their way around a stethoscope and blood pressure cuff. And as a simulation technician, you need to know how to operate all the tools in…

Getting Ready to Choose New Sim Lab Equipment? Read This First.

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Overwhelmed by a Sim Lab Tech Upgrade? Here’s Everything You Need to Know Are you a simulation technician tasked with choosing new technology for your simulation lab? And are you feeling overwhelmed by the task? Don’t panic. Choosing the best equipment for your sim lab—and getting it for the best price—can be as simple as…

3 AV Questions Every Sim Tech Should Ask

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Why Every Simulation Center Needs an AV Take a look at the job description for a simulation technician and your head might start to spin. From programming vital signs to setting up scenarios to managing inventory to applying moulage, there are lots of skills sim techs need. But understanding how to operate and troubleshoot the…