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4 Key Considerations Before Installing a New Integrated AV System

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Installing building automation solutions like integrated AV requires careful planning and design Building automation technologies make your business locations more efficient, more accessible, and more interactive. Sophisticated AV high-performance solutions facilitate better communications, collaboration, data transfer, content sharing, and training for the workplace, higher education and other commercial applications. If your Phoenix, AZ, business is…

How Zoom Rooms Solve The 3 Most Common Meeting Pain Points

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Don’t let completely solvable problems derail a collaborative meeting before it even begins At Level 3 Audiovisual, we’re hereby nominating Zoom as the Time Person of the Year 2020. The video conferencing platform rose to dizzying popularity this year as unexpected circumstances forced people to meet less in person and more online. And nipping at…

3 Areas Worth the Investment in Your Healthcare Simulation

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Keep your simulation lab operating efficiently by investing in quality AV, training and on-going support A medical simulation lab is a huge investment for your teaching hospital, medical school or training center. Healthcare simulations are invaluable teaching tools that offer medical students the chance to gain hands-on skills and interpersonal training in a safe, controlled…

Optimize Commercial Content Display With a High-End LED Video Wall

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For engaging and eye-catching displays, LED video walls are the most scalable and flexible solution on the market The LED video wall market size is expected to be approximately $36 billion by 2026, up from $15.9 billion in 2018. Why such rapid growth? Because in a digital-first world, digital displays are more eye-catching, more engaging,…

Read the Writing on the Wall: Why Dynamic Digital Signage Is Here to Stay

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Digital signage is an advanced AV solution that captures more attention and engagement than static displays and print communications Made you look: 63% of people report that digital signage catches their attention. Today, more and more corporations, healthcare organizations, educational institutions and retailers realize how effective digital displays are for communication, engagement, brand awareness and…

Downtown Phoenix Audiovisual Installation at ASU Beus Center for Law

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Downtown Phoenix Audiovisual Installation at ASU Beus Center for Law Level 3 Audiovisual is Arizona’s leading AV integrator. Working with large, enterprise clients in the Phoenix area, we are transforming the downtown area into a technological powerhouse. Below, we take a look at one of the AV projects we recently completed in downtown Phoenix. The…