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Exploring Cutting-Edge Technology Trends: What Is Audio Distribution Over IP?

Networked audio is the next big step for high-quality audio distribution in commercial spaces  Over the past several years, audio over IP (internet protocol) has swiftly gained traction as a cost-effective, efficient, and streamlined solution for distributing audio signals in commercial spaces.  Audio over IP (also called networked audio) is a distributed audio system that transmits digital signals over a standard ethernet…

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3 Conference Room Automation and AV Trends to Watch in 2021

Watch These Trends as New Workplace Dynamics Continue to Unfold Needless to say, 2020 was a tumultuous year. It affected almost every aspect of society, from socialization to education to healthcare. And the workplace was not exempted. With the ongoing pandemic, companies large and small are rethinking and reimagining the workplace and how teams get…

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Advance Your Sim Tech Career With In-Depth Simulation Training

Level 3 Audiovisual hosts several trainings, simulation conferences and webinars for simulation professionals worldwide If you’re a new or current simulation technician, ongoing education is crucial to advance your career and operate a fully functioning healthcare simulation lab. Level 3 Audiovisual is here to help. As a worldwide leader in simulation lab design, installation, integration…

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2 Considerations Before Implementing a Temperature Kiosk in Your Facility

Are you prepared to successfully implement a fever screening solution in your Scottsdale business? Fever screening technology is a hot topic these days. The coronavirus has followed us into 2021, and widespread vaccinations are still several months away, but many companies and public places are open for in-person business again. Now businesses are looking for…

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4 Key Considerations Before Installing a New Integrated AV System

Installing building automation solutions like integrated AV requires careful planning and design Building automation technologies make your business locations more efficient, more accessible, and more interactive. Sophisticated AV high-performance solutions facilitate better communications, collaboration, data transfer, content sharing, and training for the workplace, higher education and other commercial applications. If your Phoenix, AZ, business is…