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Three Advantages of Utilizing LED Technology for Your Video Wall

LED Video Walls are Versatile and Reliable   Video walls are an increasingly popular tool for digital signage, internal and public communication, command and control centers, retail advertising and promotion, and much more. Several display technologies can be used for them, much like the types of choices one might have for displays in company conference rooms.   LED panels…

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Optimize Your Simulation for Success With the Right Debriefing Setup

Debriefing is a critical step in any healthcare simulation curriculum — make sure you know what you need for successful debriefings Research shows the majority of learning and critical analysis occurs during the debriefing session of healthcare simulation training. During debriefing, medical students have the chance to not only hear feedback from their instructors but…

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Two Easy Ways to Turn Any Meeting Space into a Zoom Room

Boost Productivity with Simplified Zoom Videoconferencing In 2020, the pandemic turned the Zoom videoconferencing platform from an excellent business collaboration tool created by a fast-growing startup into a household word. Zoom became the default video conferencing solution for business, socializing and communication. While casual users may think Zoom is just a video communication app, businesses…

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Exploring Cutting-Edge Technology Trends: What Is Audio Distribution Over IP?

Networked audio is the next big step for high-quality audio distribution in commercial spaces  Over the past several years, audio over IP (internet protocol) has swiftly gained traction as a cost-effective, efficient, and streamlined solution for distributing audio signals in commercial spaces.  Audio over IP (also called networked audio) is a distributed audio system that transmits digital signals over a standard ethernet…

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3 Conference Room Automation and AV Trends to Watch in 2021

Watch These Trends as New Workplace Dynamics Continue to Unfold Needless to say, 2020 was a tumultuous year. It affected almost every aspect of society, from socialization to education to healthcare. And the workplace was not exempted. With the ongoing pandemic, companies large and small are rethinking and reimagining the workplace and how teams get…



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