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Virtual Medical Simulation: A Remote Solution for Simulation-Based Education

Augmented patient simulation offers medical students a 100% remote simulation experience As we near the end of 2020, one fact has become clear: the coronavirus will follow us into the new year. It’s time for organizations to strategize long-term solutions to enable remote work and remote learning, especially in the healthcare field. We need our…

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3 Ways to Upgrade the Audio-Visual Systems in Your Meeting Spaces

Improve Communication and Collaboration with Better Visuals and Sound Do you remember Verizon’s popular commercial series with the slogan “Can you hear me now?” This is one phrase you don’t want to hear if you are on an audio or video conferencing call in your meeting room. Even if you only lose a few minutes…

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How Zoom Rooms Solve The 3 Most Common Meeting Pain Points

Don’t let completely solvable problems derail a collaborative meeting before it even begins At Level 3 Audiovisual, we’re hereby nominating Zoom as the Time Person of the Year 2020. The video conferencing platform rose to dizzying popularity this year as unexpected circumstances forced people to meet less in person and more online. And nipping at…

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How to Modernize Your Commercial Buildings for the New Future of Work with Automation

Build Smarter Properties with Integrated Audio-Visual Solutions The current pandemic has had many profound effects, but some of the longer-term ones will become more evident over the next few years. While it’s been an ongoing trend over the last two decades, electronic communication will replace more business travel and face-to-face meetings. While that doesn’t mean…

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3 Areas Worth the Investment in Your Healthcare Simulation

Keep your simulation lab operating efficiently by investing in quality AV, training and on-going support A medical simulation lab is a huge investment for your teaching hospital, medical school or training center. Healthcare simulations are invaluable teaching tools that offer medical students the chance to gain hands-on skills and interpersonal training in a safe, controlled…



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