Here Are the Top 5 Trends for Conference Rooms in 2020 - Level 3 Audiovisual

Here Are the Top 5 Trends for Conference Rooms in 2020

Here Are the Top 5 Trends for Conference Rooms in 2020

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Everything You Need to Know about Conference Rooms in 2020

As a new year looms, there is no shortage of predictions about the next big thing across every industry. Some, like bell bottoms making a comeback, won’t really matter either way. Others, like what new audiovisual technologies will drive innovation and collaboration, are predictions that no company can afford to ignore.

Conference rooms are a critical setting for that innovation and collaboration, so it’s especially important to keep those spaces up-to-date. Keep reading to learn more about five trends in conference room design that your company should be prepared to adopt in 2020.

Are You Ready for These Conference Room Trends?

  1. Video will be everywhere. Collaboration technology has been front and center for years, but it remains the highest priority investment area going into 2020, according to AV Magazine. High resolution video and video streaming improve productivity and the collaboration experience, especially for remote workers. And these technologies aren’t just for conference rooms anymore. Now you can put video in just about any space where you want it.
  2. LED displays are taking over. With both the price and pixel pitch of LED displays coming down, they will lead the pack in conference room displays in 2020. High resolution LED improves the live video conferencing experience—now an integral part of doing business across every industry—and offers crisp and vivid visuals for large displays and video walls.
  3. AVaaS is happening for real. AV experts have been talking about AV-as-a-Service for a few years, but it’s taking off for 2020. AVaaS helps you get your AV technology in a more economical way—for example, renting or leasing—and streamlines the management and servicing of that equipment. Pair AVaaS with easily scalable software-based solutions and cloud-based platforms and it will be smooth sailing for your collaboration efforts all year.
  4. Employee wellness influences conference room design. Employees don’t just want spaces where they can get work done—they also want work spaces that are comfortable and pleasant to be in. Modern conference rooms should incorporate design elements that support employee wellness, including natural light, plants, bright colors, soundscaping, and furniture that can be easily reconfigured based on the type of meeting. The upcoming year will be a good time to revamp your conference rooms for better productivity and improved employee experiences.
  5. Small rooms are the big thing. As 2020 gets underway, we’ll still be talking about huddle rooms, and properly equipping these spaces for collaborative and productive work. Look for vendors to offer solutions specific to small spaces. Packages that may include a camera, display, microphone, and sound bar, for example, will be a popular—and easy—way to outfit small conference rooms.

Ready to get a jump on 2020 trends for conference rooms? Check out our advice for designing huddle rooms that get results.

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