AV9000 Quality Management Staging

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Level 3 Audiovisual believes quality management should be of the highest importance with any audiovisual integration. We pre-stage our installs in our 20,000 sq-ft install bay to assure the equipment, wiring and functionality is performing as it should. Surely, this quality management step keeps our punch lists low and your budget on track. In addition, AV9000 Quality Management is based on the ISO9000:2008 standard and is found in many other industries like aerospace, telecommunications and the automotive industry. 


AV9000 Staging

​AQAV is a non-profit organization dedicated to quality control in the audiovisual industry and are responsible for creating the AV9000 standard. As a matter of fact, AQAV is dedicated to improving the operational art of designing and installing audio visual technology by focusing on the quality management systems of those who design and install for the benefit of the industry and all its stakeholders: clients and users of AV technology, AV designers and installers, equipment manufacturers, related constructions and architectural firms, and the environment. It does so by:

  • Defining standards for quality management systems for AV technology partners
  • Providing training on AV quality issues.
  • Suppling appraisal audits of AV systems.
  • Ensuring appraisal audits of AV companies.

Download our AV9000 Quality Management Whitepaper here.

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Many integrators and IT personnel struggle with quality control because of many factors, including outside sources. We outline some of the issues below: 

    • Consider: AV engineered systems are demanding 10% of capital budget.
    • Consider: Poor quality can easily approach 20% of a total sale, compared to the 2.5% spent for monitoring and appraisals for good quality.
    • AV technology is moving from the eclectic to the mainstream cultures of the corporate and educational markets. The cost of technology exceeds $80B and is steadily growing worldwide. Estimates on poor quality, defects, lost hours, rework, etc. exceeds $15B.
    • Engineered AV systems continue to become more complex and difficult to integrate. The need for finding qualified designers & integrators with management systems in place to assure consistent quality has never been greater, and the cost of poor quality is staggering.
    • Rapid advancements in AV technology has resulted in more product knowledge than ever before, which merely underscores the need for fundamental education in the operational art. Infocomm International has addressed only individual training, not the requisite quality management of the AV companies performing the services.


Many integrators and IT personnel struggle with quality control because of many factors, including outside sources. We outline some of the issues below: 

  • Project delays, along with their impact on other trades.
  • Some non=conformance’s may go unnoticed until its too late.
  • An absence of follow up when there are problems.
  • Unavailable (free) design assistance.
  • Poor response times.
  • Rooms non-availability while the vendor corrects the problems, which sometimes lasts for months.
  • Meeting time with the vendors to vent your frustrations.
  • Costs of a new vendor replacement system.
  • Long punch lists.
  • Inaccuracies, and the time it takes to correct them.
  • Inadequate or non-existing tracking.
  • Nickel and diming for items not specifically listed but necessary for operation.
  • Additional time required for inspection and acceptance.
  • Meeting time with supervisors or users who need to vent their frustrations.
  • Costs for additional vendors to complete the work.


  • Promote the operational art of designing and installing systems that are complete, perform well, and are ready to use by the client.
  • Establish a common measurement battery of tests that can be applied at key milestones of the AV system development for determining whether a system is progressing satisfactorily or not.
  • Encourage continuous improvement.
  • Enhance vendor/customer relationships, bridging the gaps that may exist.
  • Reduce costs associated with producing and installing audiovisual technology.
  • Establish “room ready” conditions.
AV9000 Suite 102 Staging


Our team at Level 3 Audiovisual is an exclusive training partner, recognized by AQAV as an official training center for your CQD & CQT certification. Jeremy Elsesser, President of Level 3 AV offers quarterly classes in Mesa, AZ. Your certification is good for three years and gives technicians thorough insight into audiovisual quality management. This CQD class is a great introductory for Media Managers, IT directors, Technology Managers or anyone who manages enterprise level audiovisual and IT in their institution and cares about av quality management.

Certified Quality Training (CQT)

AV9000 CQT Certification Badge

Certified Quality Design Training (CQD)

AV9000 CQD Badge



Jeremy Elsesser


Jeremy Elsesser has been delivering quality integrated media technology solutions for more than 15 years. He began his career installing enterprise class network and audiovisual systems, progressing to the design and project management of a wide variety of technology enabled facilities. Jeremy has successfully managed teams on many large-scale and complex design and installation projects throughout the US. Driven by quality and the creative application of new technologies, Jeremy thrives on developing unique and innovative solutions for his customers. He has worked on a broad range of project types including broadcast, production, and communications for higher education, corporate, healthcare, and hospitality clients.